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I guess there is always the first time?


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So I have read so many stories here at the forum about some buyer placing a pretty big order, and then

canceling it within minutes. Sometimes intentionally.

It has finally happened to me today. Should I say congratulations to myself??? 😛

It was a $65 order, I’ll be honest, I was pretty happy since most of my orders are lower than that, but

then about 2 minutes later, he asked for a mutual cancellation saying that "he made a mistake."

Wow, how do you click the order button and click 2 more additional times to add

the gig extra by mistake???

If it was a regular $5 order I could have believed that it was a mistake, but for this one, not so sure.

I’m not that angry, it’s more like wow, so it does really happen!

I am curious though, IS IT possible to accidentally click on the order button AND click the gig extra

by mistake???

Well, I guess I won’t be working on a gig tonight ( in fact I finished 2 already today),

time for me to relax and watch TV shows.

I’m gonna watch Criminal Minds BTW, does anyone else like that show? LOL.

Have a good one, guys! 😃

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This happens, thankfully Fiverr HQ is pretty good about catching these people trying to scam sellers. Make sure to always report orders like these two Fiverr, they won’t know about these bad users if we the seller don’t make them aware!

But you’re not alone it does happen! I got a $150 order from a buyer, and they immediately followed up with message saying they wanted a refund of $40 because they didn’t mean to purchase that particular extra. I messaged them back saying I can’t refund them any thing as I don’t have any control over refunds, and that they could edit their order and uncheck the $40 extra gig.

A few hours later… the order was gone completely. I went to check their account shut down, presumably by HQ because they were caught trying to scam sellers.

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I’ve had three so far and reported each one. It’s taken a while but all three accounts were closed down. I have a feeling its the same guy opening multiple accounts because all the messages were exactly the same.

The third time, the guy didn’t even wait for me to cancel the order. He went through PayPal and disputed it.

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So I reported this buyer to Customer Support, and the account

has been closed. That was quick!

I’m sure there will always be buyers like this guy, but what the heck.

I’ll try my best to feel sorry for those…well, lonely losers who has nothing

else better to do.

OK, back to work! 😃

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