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How to promote gigs ? Please pay some attention


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Hi, I am here since 8 months. I never got any kind of exposure from fiverr customer support but somehow I managed to make some sales.

1 thing I never came to know is how to promote our gigs?

Mostly, People say , go and promote them on social network sites. But I have hardly noticed any changes in my sales by doing so. Frankly speaking, I think it is of no use.

So how can someone increase his/her sales ?

I am rated 100% positively by my buyers. I know there are many sellers like me who haven’t got any type of exposure for their gig from fiverr. So, what should one do ?

Also, I don’t see a logic in why some gigs with no ratings nothing ends up on the fiverr home page and when some good seller who has made 100s of sales and is 100% positively rated asks fiverr support guys for some exposure, they give several reasons like - you should have some more sales OR your gig is not rated yet OR add a video OR shout us after a few weeks etc etc etc.

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After 8 months it seems you should have more sales, but just being “social” or participating on “social” sites is not enough.

With the variety of different gigs you have, it’s hard to get a handle on what your area of expertise or specialty is.

I suggest picking one gig you’re good at, then if “social” is how you want to promote yourself, begin looking for opportunities to present yourself as a knowledgeable “go to” person in a specific area such as your “caricatures”, “transcriptions” or “videos”.

There are hundreds of places on the Internet where you could engage others. How about your own blog or web site?

You may want to consider improving and adding more videos to describe your gigs, with audio explaining what the gig is all about to encourage folks to buy.

Look around and see what other sellers are doing to make their gigs really cool and engage buyers. 🙂

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I personally strongly believe in promoting via the social media, but it is true that you need to join quite a few and participate in the conversations regularly. 90% of my promotions are done via social networks as I have huge accounts with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and about 40 more of them. I do offer to promote others Fiverr colleagues’ Gigs as well (check my Gigs).

Then there are the forums (including this one). Then all possible places where I can post an ad for free or for a small fee. I also have several blogs where I post articles related to my Gigs with a link back of course. And also the Traffic Exchanges when I still have some time.

Hope this helps :bz

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