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My first $100 and - I made it to Level 1 (AGAIN!?) - Hurray!


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The title might confuse you but let me explain. A few weeks ago I managed to finally reach a Level 1 seller status, having been ‘selling’ on Fiverr for about 3 weeks (I had previousy been buying on here for about a year).

I was delighted when I received my congratulations from the Fiverr team, welcoming me to Level 1 Status. But alas! No more than a day later, I had a run-in with a strangely unreasonable buyer, who had misunderstood one of my gig details (they purchased the gig, didn’t read the description, and then rushed to give me a negative review when they realised they had ordered something that wasn’t right for them). I tried very hard to negotiate with this buyer but unfortunately I ended up with my first (unjust) negative review.

Immediately, I received yet another message from Fiverr informing me that my shiny new Level 1 status had been revoked. I was gutted, but all was not lost. I managed to contact Fiverr and within a day or so, my negative feedback had been corrected and the situation was wonderfully sorted out by the helpful Fiverr team.

Great! But… Level 1 status indeed, cannot be restored. I now had to work my way back up the ladder and eventually managed to get my status back again within about a week.

Which brings me to today. I’ve finally managed to earn over $100 in a few weeks, which I’m pretty chuffed with. 🙂

I know that some of you have managed to BOOM sales and reach seriously impressive profits in a short space of time, but I’m pretty happy with mine so far, hurray! 🙂

Thanks so much Fiverr!


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