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BUYER: I'm done with Fiverr until the shopping cart it back

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I am a buyer and I just looked in my account and I have purchased more than a 1,000 gigs and who knows how much I have spent! But I am drawing a line in the sand I am not coming back till the shopping cart is back- screw this!
For me to purchase 10 gigs which I was going to do last night till I couldn’t find out how to add it to my cart, that would be an extra $10! No way! There are too many other marketplaces for me to pay extra for a place that calls itself ‘fiverr’…

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Guest offlinehelpers

Have a read here:

As of today, Wednesday March 28th 2018. I cannot see the shopping cart in the header menu (it has simply disappeared). Also the button to “add to cart” has been removed from gig pages, and checkout pages. No news, or notice from Fiverr. What is going on? First team account prepaids are gone, next the shopping cart…?
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