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Don’t just improve my Gig… LAMBASTE it! (Part 2)


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(Not the same Gig as Part 1.)

Once again, I am looking for as much constructive criticism as possible.

Rather than simply drop a link to my Gig, I’m going to explain my thought process for its components.

Here I go again! < < < <

Title: ‘I Will Write Legal Documents As An Attorney’
I think that ‘legal,’ ‘documents’ and ‘attorney’ are strong keywords for the ‘Legal Writing’ category.

Tags: ‘contracts,’ ‘disclaimer,’ ‘legal drafting,’ ‘privacy policy,’ ‘terms and conditions.’
I have no idea whether these tags are optimal. I’m open to recommendations where these are concerned.

Pricing: $40 per 2,000 words.
This is likely a steep price, but it is reflective of the fact that I am a lawyer and not just a creative writer. Nevertheless, some advice here would be appreciated.

Delivery Time: 4 days.
Legal writing isn’t something that you should rush. It’s a specific science, and I treat it as such.

Revisions: 1 free revision.
I offer a free revision on the house in the event that I make a mistake (it happens!) with my work. Unlimited revisions inevitably lead to exploitation by unscrupulous buyers; too many free revisions give the impression that you don’t really know what you’re doing as a seller. Additional revisions cost $5, which is fair.

About this Gig:

  • As I mentioned previously, I am an actual, qualified lawyer. I don’t think that can be understated because, based on my research, there are some sellers who sell legal writing services despite having no legal qualifications or training whatsoever (there’s a template for just about every legal document, you see).

  • I practice law in my home country, and out of all my responsibilities, drafting legal documents gives me the most satisfaction (especially Court documents). I can’t explain why… it just does.

  • I take my duties as an attorney seriously. Confidentiality, professionalism… all that stuff.

  • My Bar admissions are public knowledge, so showing my qualifications per request shouldn’t be a problem… right?

Frequently Asked Questions:
I’m not even sure if people read these, but they are there for those who do.

I’m open to all suggestions, but am concerned that if I were to make any changes to the Gig, it would adversely affect its impressions, views, visibility in general, etc. (I’ve done the research and read the stories!)

The Gig’s photo is courtesy of Pexels.

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