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My First Order - Exciting to Horror to Superman Rescue


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Hi, I am Vivek aka LowCostSEO in Fiverr

My first order was ordered yesterday and it was extremely exciting for me to getting started after a long wait.

So, With full of joy, I delivered the ORDER in just half an hour from my notice and one and half hour after order getting started.

Customer loved it but she mentioned she had trouble using it, So with my first order, I took up this challenge and wanted to assist her further for FREE (mistake) to upload that in her site.

She loved it again, but with discussion, she sounded not much technical and with my experience, I know, it’s common for client to not have technical knowledge on code or how to upload.

She wanted me to do via teamviewer or other remote access, I denied that, since it was my first order and I do not want to fall in pit of breaking or going against Fiverr TOS to contact outside fiverr.

We ended up on separate FTP upload which was created especially for me with clone of her site code inside the “lowcostseo” folder. Earlier FTP details, that was shared was wrong, so, I requested to provide correct FTP password, once correct FTP was given, whole task was delivered FREE.

She claimed, something was not working, I looked into it immediately and guided her, it is working perfectly with step by step.

She realised, she wanted more work in code and she told me, she will be adding the further changes her self. Since, she did not sound technical earlier, I offered more FREE job (another mistake) and said her, to let me know changes, I will do that for FREE as you might break the code and make it un-usable.

She agreed and sent more changes, Meanwhile, I logged off for an hour and she disputed the order just to notify me about her message, which she affirmatively accepted that she wanted to notify me about her message, so she filed a dispute in conversation, though she had rude and un professional behavior, I ignored them considering, it could be situation of not being technical on how site/code works, as this is also some times common.

And once correct FTP was given, whole task was delivered FREE again, but in her message, she wanted little more changes and this time, I mentioned, any further changes will cost 5$ extra, I can not go further.

This was the turn and she immediately changed FTP details and informed me that, I have deleted her whole file present in “lowcostseo” folder and she does not have her website any more.

At first, I thought, she just did some delete by mistake and she is assuming, it was done by me, but when i tried to log-in to FTP which was shared to me, It had password changed and I no more had access.

It was first time, I started feeling suspicious about it and she started sending spam message repeatedly.
I constantly asked her, what is wrong, let me know, I could still fix that for FREE, but she never replied on those context and was constantly spaming with “mind bender” and what not messages, Till now, I felt she could be in trouble as she could have accidentally pressed some delete or changed permission

Until, some one from her team or friends threatened me from other accounts with abusive language and to do more such fake order, yes you read that rightttt more FAKE ORDER.

I was immediately taken back, Joy suddenly turned in to shiver alone walk in scary road , thing went worst, when I received message from Fiverr Support that my order was cancelled.

Initially, I thought to shut down my fiverr account as it was just a matter of 10$, I should never come back here. But my next thought was, what if they could go on this in loop and start exploiting other users.

I immediately went to fiverr support and shared the whole story.

Fiverr support team was there to look into the case and immediately rescued me from getting exploited by such scammers after small deep conversation.

It was good to see, when Support are always there to back up and look into all evil mind. I got more confidence boost while reading support message, “rest assured that we will be always here for you”

This incident is shared after taking Fiverr permission and considering privacy policy to not share other user’s information or any screenshot or message.

I thank once again to Fiverr Support for looking into it and resolving the case.

Please do share your tips and comment from your fiverr experience, so that I or any fiverrian can learn and be careful about various incidents in future.


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