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Made an article for $5


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So, these last two days were interesting.I accidentally offered a guy an article service for $5 two days ago.
This person requested a written article for his Shopify store, which sells cardstock paper.

‘We are looking for an article writer who has experience with scrapbooking, die-cutting, and card making so that the articles which are written will have authentic content.’

I thought, why not give it a try! I send him an offer of $5(!) by accident, with only one day delivery.
Man oh man, when I saw the pop-up ‘you got a new order from XXX!’
I felt so stupid, my god haha 😄. I don’t even know how this all happened, but it did. A $5 article, made within 1 day. Now that’s a steal for the buyer…

The problem was that I didn’t want to cancel his order, or to ask more money for this service. I decided not to say anything, and just get to work.

Today I wrote his article. the subject was origami folding, my experiences with origami folding, and diferent techniques.
Well, guess what! He actually was so thrilled about the article that he wants to work with me on a monthly basis! And of course more than $5 per article 😉
Also, the 5 star rated review was very welcome.

Now that’s a blessing in disguise!
This was the first time writing an essay for a customer. Who knew that I had it in me, haha!

Just a fun stupid Fiverr story ^^

Have a nice day!

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I think that having a niche like this could be really good for business. Even if you aren’t an expert at writing, you can say for sure that you are an expert at origami 🙂

Yeah you’re right, it can be quite helpful for business. Maybe it’ll be good for practise! Thanks somaginer 🙂

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