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Invoice From Google


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First time using Fiverr.

I’ve posted a project and had some responses. I picked a guy that seemed to know his stuff, and we settled on a price and delivery timeline. He then sent me an invoice from google. I assume I am being scammed.
Can someone please confirm this is not how fivers works?

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Guest seoband

I am completely new on fiverr, i have never used any online platform for freelancing, though i with my team are freelancing since 5 years. We have been doing good in local market but to spread our wings we thought to give online market a shot.

We joined fiverr.com, and offered our GIGs for as low as we could, since we are new on fiverr so building our reputation sets first priority than making money. We have been trying since many days to get our first sale but nothing seems to fall our way.

I have noticed PRO sellers are offering same services with 100x times the money we are offering our services with, i don’t understand why people buy same thing for $1000, which they can buy for $10?

This is really mind puzzling experience for me… What do you guys think about it? How to get the first order? And please don’t tell me about those old sharing your gigs on social platforms blah blah things.

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i don’t understand why people buy same thing for $1000, which they can buy for $10?

There are plenty of people who would pay extra because they are worried that if the price is low, it’s because the quality is not decent. Many people would look for the cheapest services available because they want to save money, and on the other hand people avoid gigs that are cheap because they are looking for a certain level/quality of work.

( I’m not saying that sellers offering at a low price is not good at what they do)

New sellers tend to start at a cheap price because they need the orders/reviews to get the ball rolling, but many of them raise their prices after a while.

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