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Can anybody help me to get my money from paypal A/c?


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Hi Everyone,

On Sep’4 fiverr transferred the fund to the Paypal A/c. And on 6th September when I checked my paypal account it shows that the fund transferred to my Bank account. But till now I am not seeing any amount in my Bank account.

I Don’t know why it happens to me. I will be glad if someone help to get ride of this problem.

Hope to hear back from you my friends.

Thanks in Advance.

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Seems as though your question should be taken up with PayPal or your bank.

If the money successfully made it from Fiverr to your PayPal account, then Fiverr is out of the loop here.

Did you verify your bank account with PayPal? Do you have it set up to go to the correct bank account?

I don’t think anyone here is going to be able to “fix” this for you, as this is something you need to address to PayPal or your bank.


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