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Don't be lazy, and sew that button on!


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So here’s a random true story that happened today.

I wear these black pants to work, it has a zipper, a hook, and a button in the front.
A few days ago the button came off but I didn’t really care since the hook was still there.

Today I was walking to work…and felt something “strange” under my coat.

Yup, the hook got unhooked and my pants were kinda-sorta slipping down.
And no, it didn’t drop all the way down to my ankles, but it was kiiiinda loose around my 🍑 .
I held it in place over my coat, ran to work, into the restroom, pulled my pants up, and hooked it again.
Right now I’m using a safety pin to hold it just in case.

I’ll be sewing the button on first thing tonight when I get home.

Lesson learned here is: Don’t get lazy. Sew them buttons on.
They are there for a reason.

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