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My metaphorical relationship with fiverr


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I guess this sub-forum is the best one to bring this topic into place. The topic is story of a metaphor that, I am sure some or more then some can relate too on here. I’ve been apart of fiverr for a few years now. I feel my experience with fiverr in those few years is growing from a child into an adult.

When I first started with fiverr, I was a “child” (for those of you confused, i was not actually a child its the metaphor get with the picture) So as I was saying, I was a child. Fiverr to me was a new world of awe, and excitement as well as fear. It was a new world, and you don’t know if you can adjust to it, its so full and bright and overwhelming, but fiverr like any good parent, helps you with it. Makes you feel special and helps reach your potential. I was an optimist, I felt capable and walked on my own 2 feet, found my own independence and exhibited all the characteristics. I achieved goals, and was rewarded. I grew and fostered, and felt my parent was the best in the world.

Until I reached my teenage years… the relationship lost its spark… I’ve became more rebellious and fiverr felt distant. The awe and admiration has left and other children came in… I no longer felt special. The parent that once always gleamed seemed so far away.

As things grew, and progressed more rules were layed out in front, the good parent has turned its back and a new entity has emerged… Rules they say are good for you, they will make you better. Feelings of anger and betrayal started to emerge. I should run away… Why stay? they do nothing for me this horrible parent.
So you I go my own way, but still stay under the roof of my parent. you abide by the rules unhappily.

years go by, and I’ve became my own person… Evolved different emerged from your experiences… You no longer rely solely on your parent, but you do not cast them aside either. A weekend relationship emerges, I’ll see you Saturday for brunch, will catch up.

The rules are still there, and the parent is hard to be around for a long time, but I smile and nod, knowing that I wont ever reach their approval. I’ll always have the nod and the smile, but it wont ever be a hug. This is the relationship that will go on, until its over and a tear might be shed or the soul may be dry by then.

So this is my metaphorical story, I know its not the best… and for all you lucky people. I don’t write articles for a living, but I hope that a few people did get a smile out of this. Not looking for critiques, if you don’t like it… shrugs Just some writing in a platonic way.

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