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The A,B,C's of Promoting Your Gig on Blogs and in Forums by The AnarchoFighter


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Very often I’m asked, how can I get more traffic to my gigs. Likewise, I often see people using social media the wrong way.

What to do is as simple as A, B & C.

A - Acknowledge It. First, you want to show sincere and specific acknowledgement of the topic. Note, A doesn’t mean “agreement” you don’t have to agree with everything.

For example, let’s say you were going to practice this “skill” right here on this thread in this forum, you might say something like. I really like how the AnarchoFighter used the common title of “the A, B, C’s of something” and actually used three words starting with A, B, and C.

Notice how it is specific, it recognizes the person who started the conversation, etc. That is, you don’t want to say something like, “Great post, great blog (forum). Love it” … 1) You could really only say that once and 2) It’s hype; it lacks substance. Someone could have written that without even reading! Show YOU’RE participating full out with detailed thought.

B - Better It. Second, you want to better the discussion RIGHT THERE.

This can even happen by asking a sincere question or by providing a relevant anecdote or statistic, etc. The key to this step is you’re just not acknowledging, but showing that you’re also knowledgeable! You’re not just a consumer, you’re a producer/provider. You contribute to the community.

An example, one thing that wasn’t mentioned because it was beyond the scope of the AnarchoFighter’s message here is a good way to find Forums / Blogs. And for me, I use Google Search and type my keywords plus the term Forum and then another search with Blog and check out how active and open they are.

(See how this comment contributes by filling in a whole. Also note, how I didn’t “blame” the original author for not mentioning this. In fact, I practically assume s/he knows it. And I guess in this case since it’s me, it’s a good thing I did!) LOL

C - Continue It. Last, you offer a way to continue this discussion or a way to go into “long form” for it. You continue by offering a link.

Now, many times you’ll want that link to be a landing page or blog post page of your own that is relevant and ultimately links to your gig or connects to your gig offering either as a way to Customize, Learn, Automate, Simplify, or Scale the activity or result (I call this the CLASS System)

Because of the rules of the forum, I won’t demonstrate this step “in actuality”. Theoretically, you’d want to say something like: One of the creative, low priced ways that you can get this done is at Fiverr where I recommend this seller and her gigs www.Fiverr.com/YOUR_FIVER-NAME

In this case I used a third party approach. You don’t have to do that, however, it’s often better to not seem to be pimping yourself especially if you’re going directly to the sales page.

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