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Grandma got run over by a reindeer


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Merry Christmas from Tokyo.🎄

So when I’m walking around, naturally I’ll hear Christmas songs everywhere.
Don’t get me wrong, I like them. Well, most of them.

There is this one song I heard on the radio though when I was in Seattle…
called “Grandma got run over by a Reindeer.”

While my friend was driving the car with the radio on, I was just sitting there listening to the song…and at one point I thought am I hearing what I think I’m hearing???
It was the first time I heard it, BTW.

I asked my friend about it and she just said “it’s a stupid song, I have no idea what it’s about.”

I got curious and looked up the lyrics online…very strange I must say.

Is there a hidden message or something?? Or is it simply about an old unlucky lady who crossed the rainbow bridge on Christmas eve?
Is this song popular??
I’ve been hearing Christmas songs all my life and I’m surprised I didn’t know about this one…

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I’m Canadian. The song is very popular here.

There’s no hidden message, it’s just silly and subverts the standard expectations of Christmas songs. And, you know, shock value. Your reaction is exactly what the songwriters were going for: “Am I REALLY hearing this?!?”

shock value.

If that’s the case, the songwriter has succeeded…big time!!

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It’s meant to be silly, humorous, like this classic:

The Barking Dogs, I like. Silly and funny, like you said.

The Grandma song though… not sure about the humor part…I know I’m taking it a bit too far, but when I first heard the song I pictured this little old lady in an ugly Christmas sweater getting stomped on the head by a vicious reindeer and then just lying their freezing in the cold…(hopefully the hoof knocked her out in an instant and she was already gone by the time her body hit the ground)

But well, OK, if that grandma was a total b*tch and was hated by everyone I guess it’s funny. 😅

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