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What am I even doing wrong though?


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I feel like my work is very high quality but I’ve not gotten a lot of buyers. I keep seeing sellers who use stock photos and have poorly written descriptions where as I feel as mine are the opposite of those?

I’m quite aware that my response time is 19 hours. There are days where I do work 14 hours at my daytime job so I always do try to respond as quickly as possible.

I’m not sure what more I could be doing.

Any tips would be really appreciated.


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That’s quite not what you’re thinking! First, your mentioned gig images are strange and has no distinction to what you offer. Second, you should update your tag line, and description. Your tag line “Part time free lancer” and your description is your biography, This is too strange as well. Here’s how can you imagine that somebody take a risk while he know the fiverr before you were here. Consider all the ways, keep up the good work and WORK HARD, WORK HARD, WORK HARD!

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If you’re not regularly sending offers to buyer requests in the buyer requests page you could do that to get orders.

In the FAQ section of your gig you say “buys” when it should say “buyers”. I think there’s a missing apostrophe in the profile (“names”).

I think it would help a lot if you created more than 2 gigs so you have more chance of orders and likely more chance of seeing buyer requests that you could send offers to.

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The problem could rely either in the way you describe your work and in the positioning of your offer.

You should provide to the buyer a reason. A reason to chose you and a reason to chose your style.
The first language of a graphic designer is visual. Expand your portfolio.

Add more examples of your works, but be selective. Show those with more impact, vivid colors, and originality.
Your “Bear” and your visual identity project (“Empty Bowls”) stand out, and give a clear idea of your style.

After that, you should ask yourself why someone should buy a bear or a fox.
Maybe you could reposition the offer. Find a niche.
You could be, for example, the right person for designing covers for LinkedIn articles, or business cards.

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