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  1. Plz help yourself first by reading books and tutorials and understand how marketing works plz.
  2. I think it should be “How to turn a Customer into a Client.” Customer is someone who orders once, and client is someone who is dealing with you on a regular basis, I believe.
  3. I’ll tell you my experience. A few months ago, a seller, another seller from Bulgaria who I don’t know, messaged me after he saw somewhere on the Forum that I’m Bulgarian, and asked me if I will add his Gigs to my favorites, when you click that icon with the heart, you know. I asked him why? He said that he wants to appear more busy, and sort of look like that his Gig is favorited by many actual buyers. That’s considered manipulating the system, I believe so. He also shared with me that they’re a few people working on a single profile, living in a single apartment or something. That’s none of my business. I mean… I don’t even want to know. I honestly don’t care about that, but he kept messaging me and that looked like bait to me, so I reported him. Nothing personal, I didn’t want to harm him, but I care more for my own well-being. He could’ve reported me actually, if I went and “favorited” his Gigs, which I did not do for obvious reasons. Always be careful with people you don’t know. Be reserved. Especially other sellers. Maybe they want to pick your brain for some reason. Or maybe they have darker reasons and want your profile gone. Maybe you’re competition.
  4. VERY wrong idea. Fiverr’s ToS forbids communication outside Fiverr, and you as you probably know, there is a personal messaging system inside Flickr!
  5. Yes, one more thing, I forgot. Nobody gives a d*mn about your PayPal and you shouldn’t be giving that, receipts from there. Only print what goes into your bank account! If $1,234 USD go into your bank account, declare that. Don’t go and print PayPals, and show sensitive data. Don’t go and show your name on Fiverr, your email, exact payment dates and etc.
  6. Poland is said to be the Kingdom of Methamphetamine. Poland has a million drug lords and drug dealers. It’s hard for me to believe they check for every transaction. That’s probably not the case. I would suggest you this – get an accountant, because obviously you’re not well informed. I’m positive about that, you will thank me later. And he will manage your data! If you have so many transactions to worry about, and you think your taxation gov. officials will track you specifically, and won’t give a break to you specifically, you make too much money. And if you make so much money – you should have an accountant. Also transactions should be in monthly statements. Not like you said, day by day, every transaction. It’s EU laws, except if you’re like not in the EU. It’s actually US and world laws, man, it’s the same everywhere. Even in Russia. Trust me.
  7. Doesn’t make any sense. Your IRS or whatever, should not be asking for data from your account, just financial statements, what you print, what you attach. Do you have a cash register, do you give receipts? No. Also you can’t pay taxes two times. @misscrystal said it. It’s a US tax system, and nobody have records on what you earn. Plus, I know a bit about Poland. Corruption in Poland is big. I’m pretty sure nobody will care for $0.01, or even for $100, or even for $1000. Cheers.
  8. Why would you want to withdraw $0.01? That has zero value.
  9. “Give me a child for the first seven years and I shall give ye a man.”
  10. My suggestion for the new sellers out there – if you want success – offer something unique, fix a problem a lot of people need fixing and nobody’s providing them w/ a solution.
  11. That’s the best Fiverr news for the last 2 years. I won’t stop using Payoneer but still – sometimes I do use PP. Super useful info. Cheers!
  12. I thought phishing was already dead. I didn’t believe there were still people who believe you can show someone photos when logged in Gmail. It doesn’t work like that. You can send an email, but Gmail’s not Dropbox, lol.
  13. What’s the unique thing about this post? The title says I should see something unique yet I don’t find it. I get it, why you did it. You wanted views and quick answers. Here’s your first problem – using poor clickbait. If you’re using the same tactics all over social media – now you know where to begin fixing, lmao.
  14. The interesting thing is, some psychology I learnt, most of them don’t even realize it. It’s their subconscious taking over their conscious behavior – taught from their parents from the early age on. Arrogant parents make children arrogant – an extension of themselves. From the little things like throwing your trash from a moving vehicle, to people cutting in front of other people in the queue. So they keep going, knowing that’s the normal way to do. To be “in front” of people in order to make it in life. While this is not necessarily untrue, it doesn’t work everywhere. It’s not an universal law.
  15. Yea, like if praying to Jesus will force money to immediately fell out of trees and into your pocket. Only if it was so easy. So what, should I pray every time I’m lazy to do work? If I’m lazy to wash the dishes, should I pray for the dishes to get washed by an invisible force?
  16. Some people register to only order once. Had this numerous times happen to me. That’s not a social media website, it’s not Facebook. I don’t need to see them, I won’t make love with them. In most of the Western countries – it’s even forbidden to require someone to have a photo in his CV because of racial profiling.
  17. If the order is complete, I mean… I would answer only from politeness, but I don’t think anyone should be obligated to respond.
  18. Same here. I’m at 6%, with most of my sales from the US. I have a few from Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, and a few from my own country and Africa. “World domination” should not really be anyone’s main goal.
  19. Create a PDF file with all your work (photos), or just combine them in a grid/masonry in a single JPEG and send it over the chat. Can’t see what’s the hard thing about that…
  20. He tricked you basically by triggering you to insult him. Not professional. Even if he’s a scammer – you insulting people can ruin your rep forever. That’s like an arresting police officer to go and call the arrestee “a piece of cr*p” whatever. That won’t go well.
  21. If you don’t have a college degree and have no experience in this field, you can watch YouTube videos about Marketing & PR. A ton of people, many of them successful – give detailed explanations … if there’s someone who’s not lazy about it and actually watch it.
  22. Lowering the rates is equal to “I don’t believe I have skills or experience so I’ll charge low.”
  23. Not only in real life but greatly here too. Probably 95% of the topics here are “Need help. You assist me!” Some people even go the way to add not only one but a couple of exclamation points like “I need to make sales, tell how now!!!” While the askers do know that we’re not getting paid and we’re not Fiverr Staff. We’re not getting paid here to post advice. We do it at our own convenience. I mean, maybe it’s only me but I post threads about serious issues. To post a topic about “Help me with sales” is underneath my dignity. I don’t understand it. No one is obligated to help strangers. The sellers themselves have to help themselves. Seller asking for help from another seller, ‘kay. And who will help the seller, who gives advice to other sellers? Will other sellers help him with advice, when they can not even help themselves? I expect a lot of triggered people to flag your post, and mine, and similar posts to my own.
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