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Guest icondesigner

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Guest matt_garry

you seriously can’t wait 2 weeks for your 20 bucks?

most jobs have a clearing time. Why would this site be any different?

you do know about the payapl fees? you are probably better off waiting a month or 2 until you get some real money to withdraw.

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Since it’s high risk due to the numerous buyers and sellers and multiple claims and transactions, to reduce the clearance time would not only put Fiverr at risk, but the seller as well. The reason it takes so long to clear is to make sure that both the buyer and seller are happy, and to adhere to Paypal’s rules and regulations. Aka, I don’t think this will change any time soon, and in fact, is kind of a good placeholder to have. In most jobs a 1 to 2 week wait between pay is about average. For an online marketplace like this, that is a pretty quick withdrawal time. Other sites can do smaller withdrawal times as there isn’t as much risk or traffic going through the pages.

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Guest johnbradleypeel

While 14 days payment alone is somewhat understandable, I’m confused at some of the examples, like how does direct deposit and check clearance apply when we are not talking about direct deposit or clearing checks. It seems people suggest that this has nothing to do with Fiverr.com, and I don’t understand how that is the case. I work on Elance. I withdraw to paypal, and it only takes 24-48 hours at most for it to arrive in my account! (It’s still only 10 days to get a check or direct deposit!) So I just want a clear and detailed explanation on why it takes so long.

I think it’s a fair question that many users have, that they want to understand, and I don’t understand the saracastic and judgement

To user kjblynx: Please show me where Paypal policy, rules, or regulation dictates a 14 day wait time. If this is the case, why can I withdraw within two days?

See, sometimes it isn’t about if someone can wait two weeks for their money. If I have many places where I can do business, it becomes this question: do I have to wait for it?

I like Fiverr.com so far and will continue to work for them. I would however invest more time here if they could pay me faster, so instead I focus on the services like Elance that offer me larger jobs and nearly instant payment. (Plus, they are always available to explain how their payment system works directly.)

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