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My Fiverr Journey -Part One


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Are you buyer in fiverr, Now not only all old seller are good there are many new seller , Now I told you how you understand a new seller are also good ,

  1. At first See his gig title if it is good you can check the gallery image is related
  2. Read his gig description, if you see the description is well decorated you can 60% sure he is good seller
  3. Now you message him , if he response within short time , you can sure he is professional.
  4. Now you can give him a small work at first , and if the seller successfully done it , now you can buy his gig contentiously.
    I hope you enjoy your fiverr life . Thank you All buyer and seller of fiverr
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Hello, I start my fiverr journey is started some days ago, I know fiverr form my fireind , he is also a fiver seller , Than I come to fiverr and check it carefully. I like fiverr system . Than I creat my accout , after create accout I analysis fiverr gig , and othre system , after analysis some days I create and publish my gig , and I got some order form a same client and I also got order form other clients. And after some days I was got level one status batch , I was very surprised. I am happy to work in fiverr , I hope I will continue work in fiverr and ejony my freelancing life
thank you for read my short story

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