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Few more suggestions for Fiverr Team, After the great new "Team Accounts" feature

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“Team Accounts” is a great and absolutely worthy feature but i don’t want to discuss that in this topic as I have some new suggestions to discuss with you guys which have been clicking my mind from sometime and I always wished to have them in Fiverr.
I Think Fiverr Team should work on a similar system (Like Team Accounts) for sellers too where they can offer a package of combined services, which they individually offer. How about that ?
Also I suggest that there should be a feature where your manager/assistant can login on your behalf , so that they can handle few tasks without having access to important stuff and account details, i know fiverr is for individual sellers only but sometimes when the work load is too much or you have to go away for sometime but you need to be connected to your regular clients at the same time, this feature could be handy.
Any Suggestion Guys?

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