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Collaborating Feature for sellers on the site?

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Hey there!

I do video editing gigs and yesterday I was surfing threw the website looking at other people’s gig and I’ve noticed allot of cool editors there and I though what if we could create a shared gig together and when someone orders we both do the work on it and split the profit.

Here’s my concept if this idea.

Two sellers that like each others work and they agree to create a “Shared Gig” after creating that both of them must click publish for it go live and both have control of that gig.(this is a very flat explanation but you get the idea)

When the buyer enters the gig they see that this is a shared gig with two Editors and that might be something that interest them.

And this could work on allot of stuff like logo design, article writing, translating, voice overs and basically on most of the creative gigs on here.

I think this is an idea that’s worth testing.

Thank you.

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