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Level 2 within One Week of Optimizing Gig. Here's What to Do


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Hi Guys and Gals!

I wanted to share with you all that I recently (as in, less than 20 minutes ago) received the level two seller badge! Yippiee!! I’ve been selling consistently on Fiverr since January of this year. I made a few changes to my best selling gig, focusing on that gig more so than the others I offer. With a bit of research and a few minor adjustments, I generated a steady stream of orders I was able to fill within 24 hours or receiving them. Here’s what I did:

  1. Utilize Google to see what comes up when someone searches for my services. I was able to discover new keywords I hadn’t thought to use. Google and an extra 10 minutes of digging can go a long way.

  2. I completed as many orders as possible in 24 hours or less. I wasn’t doing this for any promotional reasons. I was legit trying to rank better in the Fiverr searches and overall. I had taken a nasty hit back in April after getting the flu and I had to cancel several (read: way more than one would like to cancel) and my stats took a hit. I mean a bad hit.

  3. Fiverr Anywhere
    I was able to generate custom orders using Fiverr Anywhere and offering my services that way. After taking the hit in ranking on Fiverr, it was more difficult to secure organic gig orders. Fiverr Anywhere was my best friend.

  4. Gig Optimization
    I hate when I see that word “optimization” with no description or details, just a vague bit of advice. I won’t do that to you. Here’s what I did:
    -Check for spelling/grammar errors
    -Monitor Keywords
    -Upload videos/photos/samples of my work. Utilize all of the available space you’re given to sell your service. If you’re given three file uploads for your work, you should have three samples ready to go when a potential client clicks on your gig.

That’s basically it!

Happy selling everyone!

TRS Here I come!😁

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