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Request: Billy Corgan/Smashing Pumpkins Impersonation

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I have a non-commercial request to sing in the style of classic Billy Corgan. Can be male or female singer. What we're really looking for is the phrasing and melodic sensibility, not necessarily making a convincing impersonation.

This is for a niche fan podcast, just as an exercise. 

We may try using a voice changer/ai tool to make it even more Corganesque, but not certain.

Lyrics are an existing poem. You would be expected to more-or-less improvise the stanzas over the music bed.

I can budget $25 for a decent singer who is willing to give it a good half hour.

Reference tracks: 



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Your offer of “$25 dollars in cold hard cash to supply a passable Billy Corgan impression” sounds intriguing. 


The thing is, I don’t really have a Billy Corgan impression. But here’s some other impressions that I do that may sound just like him: 


For 12 dollars - I can impersonate a teenager after having just discovered Sylvia Plath and the color black. 


For 16 dollars and a nickel - I can impersonate Phill Collins having just stubbed his toe. 


For 7 dollars and a really round orange - I can be Lana Del Rey with bronchitis. 


For the full 25 dollars - I can find a random street person, read Dostoevsky to them for two hours and teach them three guitar chords. 


Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “this is too good to be true.


But wait, there’s more … 


By selecting from any or all of my available offers, I’ll give you the following impressions at absolutely no additional cost: 


Old Elton John singing along to young Elton John in the car. 


 • A tribute to the lead singer of “Friend in Me,” a tribute to the music of Randy Newman. 


James Brown while clearing his throat (he’s either clearing his throat or asking to go to the “bridge,” the details are a little murky). 


My impression of a very inebriated Billy Joel. 

Or … actually, just Billy Joel, now that I think about it. 


Act now and I’ll throw in one mystery voice as my way of saying “thank you.” 


(Screw it, it’s Elvis eating grapes.) 


Just let me know and I’ll fire this invoice your way. It should look something like this:

Gig fee: 25 dollars
Additional fee/ fiverr costs: 5 dollars

Mic Repair: 200 dollars (No worries, I know a guy)

Housing: 1200 per month (I’m sorta between spaces so I’m gonna need a studio situation)


I look forward to speaking soon. 




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