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Cancellation Ratio stat is very misleading

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I just noticed there’s a stat to the right of my gig that says “cancellation ratio: 19%”. That’s 1/5th of my sales. The only time I’ve had a gig cancelled is if the buyer hadn’t responded to me asking him for more information or specifics on what he wants, or if I flat out didn’t want to charge the buyer because the job was too simple and I was doing it out of good will.

Sometimes buyers also order gigs from me when the problem is actually un-fixable from my end. For example, someone was wondering why they were getting error 500s on their website and it was because it was a server issue, not an issue with their actual website. I told them this, so why would I have to charge them $5 for that? I didn’t do anything. Therefore it was cancelled

Please take this stat off or revise it better so as not to show me as someone who cancels 1/5th of his gigs. It makes me look unreliable

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