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What to put for the budget on a Brief - Is this per hour, per week or what? I dont understand it!



I dont understand how to price a budget for my ad for Social media management.

Is this per hour, per week or what?

I currently usually pay people €20 euros per hour for regular work. Can be 50 for specialist/highly qualified jobs. 

I literally have no idea what to price this at and I urgently need to find someone who can help!

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In this case, I would just mention that what you write in there is the hourly rate (or that rate can depend on the job / etc.) It's a bit tricky with briefs as a seller as well because some people will just write in random numbers (which makes it hard to judge their budget!)

I - think - it's supposed to be for the whole project by the way, but of course for social media management / etc that might not be ideal (if you need x hours of work or if you're just not sure how long you'll need / etc.) 

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