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First gig on fiverr


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The answer to the “so what” which I find quite rude is that I find it difficult to understand how you can be a “kid” and a “team” at the same time. If you have a different attitude you will find that people will be more inclined to help you.

i want to ask is my gig video and photos are good

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I have been working to practice Fiverr since last two years but now I have created a new account, please help me and give me some solutions so that I can get lots of orders**_strong text

you can’t have two accounts and you state “I have created a new account”.

And don’t hijack someone’s thread. you’ve made plenty of your own asking for help.

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Hey Tanuj, I read your description.
First time when I read, it feels me about you is you’re a rude and unprofessional person.
You mention there that you can do any type of animation job and then also you text there ‘you cant tell me everything you want’, it’s confusing boy.

I think you have to first learn all about video animation so that you can mention there, that you can do all type of animation.
Good Luck!

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What have I done bro

@tanujtaneja12 My comment was directed at rokibr. As you can see his posts were :flag_black: and hidden. FYI ~ I’m not a bro. Addressing females or potential female clients as “bro” in a professional setting is not good.

Check out this helpful article ⬇️

Put UPYOUR in the search box, you’ll find more. 😎

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If you are experiencing difficulties in getting orders or are struggling because of the amount of competition there is, then this post is for you. Below I will give some methods which will help you to expand your target market and so increase your...

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