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Trusting sellers


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I know most sellers on Fiverr are good and I know just like in the real world, there are bad sellers and I can get scammed out there too.

As you know, there has been many “help me get orders” and all these designers saying they design business cards but it’s not their work, they upload “business cards samples” not being theirs but they claim it is. Same for logos and even video intros…

What do YOU do when you want to order one of those gigs and to make sure the samples provided in the gig is actually the seller’s work?

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The only solution I know to that is good old Google reverse image search.
Are there other ways???

Actually some fake sellers are silly enough to use samples simply taken from another seller,
WITH the original seller’s name at the corner of the image…😓

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@n4y33m I use that too. It fails many times.

@zeus777 With the amount of crap I see here of all those fake sellers that tend to “how do I get orders” posts…am I turning to a bitter old man?

I don’t think so, I’ve met actual bitter old men before and they are VERY bitter.

I’m sure your so-called bitterness is nothing compared to them.

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Honestly, It’s unfortunate but even a sellers account with raving reviews won’t make me purchase from them.

Here’s what I do before purchasing from the seller:

  • I research their profile image (Yep.)

  • I communicate and clearly ask them if this is their original work.

  • If I notice anything out of the ordinary I WILL NOT order from that seller at all, afterall, there are plenty of “new” sellers who are actually committed to their work.

  • More than Once I have purchased from a “new” seller.

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