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Sellers, Here's how I just did my buyers request


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I sent out a buyers request because I just don’t have the time to get this webcrawl done and get my client’s work completed. So things that I need done for myself I tend to do buyers request for.
This request was to gather information from a website.

So I get 20 or so messages and pause the gig.
After deleting everyone that has a smiling girl at a desk and other stock photos, I then start to cull through the 10 that are left.
Then I delete two more profiles that state “I hope I can do this”, well if you don’t know if you can do it or not, I’m not going to order from you.
That left eight that I sent full description of the job to.
And now I wait to hear back.

Just through a few sellers should know why their response to a buyer request may never get answered. While I am mainly a seller here, I’m also a buyer and this is my process. It has to be your OWN profile picture and you have to be confident that you can do the job.

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