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The "sweet" spot for orders


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Don’t tell anyone, but I took a few hours off this week to learn how to rollerblade since we finally got some sunshine around here. I always deliver on time, but more and more orders were starting to stack up.

Who would ever complain about that, though? Not me! 😄

For the past few days, my queue across all three of my gigs has been in the 20 to 30 range. Various sizes, a lot of custom offers. And direct gig sales keep coming!

Usually I have 10 to 15 orders in queue. So it’s essentially doubled. Just got me thinking…has Fiverr made another algorithm change?

Or did I accidentally do some magical dance whilst trying not to fall skating? 😊

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Well, I’m not sure if Fiverr changed their algorithm. But, you definitely became 1000000x cooler by learning how to rollerblade. That is for sure the raddest means of transportation possible.

People probably have noticed you have taken up this skill; and decided they are going to buy some gigs! It makes complete sense to me. Congrats on the orders! 😎

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