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Scammers always spams requests


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Hey there.

I as a buyer wants to real replies to my requests. I had a clear and straight request, which got 30 offers. After choosing a seller (m*****), she wanted more money for the job. However she did the offer for my request which she should have read. So this is my story, every request I made gets lots of spam offers, and when I order and copy the request, the sellers suddenly wants more money! What a story. Fiverr.com is also guilty for not banning these kind of sellers.

I hope you liked my Fiverr story. That’s my experience.

Mod Note: Calling out sellers or buyers is against forum rules

Note to Mod: Maybe it’s true, but you should mod those, who do this all the time and ruins user experience 🙂

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True, there are sellers who are violating Fiverr TOS by posting their services under buyer requests. However, there’s no easy way to stop that unless Fiverr starts going through those requests manually one by one. I don’t expect nor want that because it would slow down buyer requests publishing process and it would be a waste of resources. There are more important things that need to be fixed first.

Regarding your request, I don’t know whom you picked or what kind of service you were looking for, but it’s not uncommon for a seller to ask more money once they learn more about your project. For example, I offer website redesign service and if a buyer says that they need to revamp their website without any specifications then obviously I can’t make a realistic offer. Once I get all the requirements from a client and outline project scope, I will make a final offer which may be higher or lower than the original offer.

If buyer requests are not working for you then you can use Fiverr search and pick a top rated seller or at least a level 2 seller with a proven track record. However, you will probably still need to send a few messages back and forth to outline the project scope.

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