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  1. Changes involve revising the text to meet the needs of buyers for their projects or updating any relevant passages.
  2. Since Fiverr gives every seller the opportunity to sell their gig, you might not be able to discover your gig right now, but someone else might.
  3. Since the Fiverr update, a new seller is only able to make 4 gigs.
  4. Please check the gig that has been drafted. Delete the draft gig and start a new gig.
  5. After reading this, my understanding of the packages, extras, and price increases has improved. I appreciate the useful information you provided.
  6. Certainly, you can continue using the client's native tongue if they feel comfortable using it, such as French or German, but you need to be properly informed about that knowledge 😍.
  7. Kindly contact the Fiverr support center.
  8. How can I become ranked on Fiverr? I made a GIG a month ago, but I only received 400 impressions—is that normal?
  9. You can only make four gigs on Fiverr as a new the seller.
  10. The skill tests assist in demonstrating your proficiency in the services you plan to offer to potential customers or buyers and assist them in realizing that you possess sufficient skill and information regarding the services they will purchase from you.
  11. shamim_rana1


    What is the maximum number of gig that a new seller can make?
  12. Is this a scam? The client is inboxing his Telegram link.
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