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  1. so fiverr dont even have an answer to this
  2. i asked my client he said he gave me a positive rating even in the. backend, so there is no how the gig metrics would have dropped infact it is meant to go up
  3. so you mean out of 600 people because i just completed a job my gigs wont be seen untill its my chance? Is that how it works i can see people that have completed more jobs than me and i Can see their gig on the search result. Why me with just 5 jobs completed?
  4. Hello fiverr peeps, I have been a seller for a while now with my active gigs ranking on search pages this is a dream for fiverr sellers come true. Then recently i got a job from a client and after i was done i discovered i cant find my gigs again in search results. what just happened? Fiverr team what caused this andn how can my gigs come back to the search results page cause this is the onky way we can make money on fiverr
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