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  1. Hi, I'm a new seller here on Fiverr. I have tried to link my Paypal account for my Fiverr withdrawals with no avail. After successfully receiving the verification code (which still had a hitch before) and an email telling me to confirm my Fiverr Paypal account, I'm now stuck with the authentication process. And I did reach out to the support center yesterday but I've received no response thus far. Anyone with an idea of what I should do? Edited: I've just discovered from the community that you can tag the Fiverr team if you're in dire need of help @Lena @ana_tomy @Lyndsey_Fiverr @Kesha
  2. Hi Katherin, I'm facing the same problem. Did you get any help?
  3. Hi, I'm facing the same problem. No code appears when I enter my phone number for verification to withdraw funds.
  4. Certainly, you have the option to make payments using PayPal. If you are logged in, you can link your Fiverr account with your PayPal account for added convenience.
  5. Can you use your Visa/Credit Card (commonly known as ATM) instead?
  6. Hi Muhammad, are you sure that Fiverr does not allow sellers to include their portfolio in their gigs? Last time I checked, that was never an issue. But I understand, if it's a video, it should have a 16:9 ratio and at least a 1280x720 resolution.
  7. No, I don't think that is spamming. You're genuinely sharing your gigs on various social media platforms in the hopes that you will land a client. As long as you keep your business within the Fiverr platform, you should be good.
  8. Scammers prey on new sellers/freelancers on almost all freelancing platforms. Just block them; genuine clients will surely come your way. All the best.
  9. Have you done the Fiverr test? Sometimes, Fiverr provides a basic test to assess your experience and professionalism.
  10. Once you pass the English test, you're free to publish your gig and see if Fiverr accepts it.
  11. With all honesty, it's not your fault at all that the UGC video is not getting much traction. You did your part and he liked it. But here is the thing. If you ask any graphic designer, they will most likely create more than one design (for a buyer who ordered a single design) just in case the client is not satisfied with a standalone designs. If I were you, I would only create another video free of charge if the client hasn't yet left a review or if the order hasn't been marked as complete. But remember, they can still leave a negative private review so it's still a risk. If the order hasn't been marked as complete yet, it would be in your best interest to create another video for free. All the best.
  12. Well, we're in the same boat. Hang on in there buddy.
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