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  1. hey ! hope you are doing well everyone , i want to change my bank account from payonner to another payonner because i had some problems on the main one that i linked with fiverr , i contacted the support to give me some informations but they didn't answer back , can someone please guide me to change it šŸ™‚
  2. I have mistakenly withdraw funds to email address not valid on PayPal and now I'm not able to access the funds. Is there a possibility of fund reversal from PayPal to fiverr?
  3. Hi , A buyer told me that he will give me payment outside but I refused. Then after some days fiver flag my account for outside payment. Kindly guide me that what will happened now. Thanks and Regards
  4. Hello, I live in the United States and recently (maybe past two weeks) I have been unable to purchase anything from Indonesia. I use PayPal as I do not have a credit/debit card. This only seems to be affecting orders from sellers in Indonesia, any other country it works fine. I was wondering if anybody else is having this issue and what I can do to resolve it. Thanks!
  5. How I get fast withdraw feature. How I will get eligible for it?
  6. Hi everyone, I got a message from a client and when it was time for me to send him a custom offer, he said that he was getting "error" and he couldn't make payment. I told him to order straight from my gig package and he said it was the same thing. Does anyone know what's going on?
  7. Hello, i just notice this message fron Payoneer. I'm not fluent in English, so i personally didn't understand what is this mean. It says: We're writing to let you know that there are some fee adjustment coming into effect soon on Fiverr Ltd. Payouts international disbursement. in 2018, we introduced a standard loading fee that is deducted when payments are disbursed from marketplaces and companies. While this fee was not collected right away across all payment methods, we're writing to inform you that a fee of 3.00 USD will start to be collected from disbursement by Fiverr Ltd. Payouts international in 60 days, from November 3, 2021 This fee will only apply for payments you receive from November 3, 2021 onwards and will not be collected retroactively. We appreciate you business and would like to thank you for you continued support Thank you, The Payoneer Team *if you do not agree with this change, you can terminate your Payoneer account with no additional charges by contacting us before November 3, 2021. Does it mean every income i get from Fiverr and if i'm using Payoneer to withdraw it to my local bank it will cost me $3? P.S: i have the screenshot but strangely i can't attached it here. Thank you in advance.
  8. I used fiverr casually because last year I was still in school, now I graduated. The thing is, I got tired of getting small jobs low paying, I know its starting over by removing old gigs, changing to higher prices, but I'm doing this while job hunting and there's no hurry. I realized that if I'm freelancing I might as well do what I like, and I kind of hate how fiverr sets this very low bar when it comes to paying artists. We are not worth 5 dollars, and I will never do a job lower than 35 dollars ever again. I feel like some people here work so hard to get a really good portfolio, and I'm tired of lowering my value, I have found costumers that now pay me from over 50 dollars, I understand why I was getting less previously, but now I feel like I can never go back to that. I'm hoping this year my gigs can increase even more in price as I gain experience. I don't know if anyone else is feeling like this?
  9. I know this will be so far down the product priority list but I think this would be a great option to have (I know it would be hard to implement!). I'd love to be able to convert my balance to stock because it would save me $$ on the inevitable FX and TRX fees I have when withdrawing, transferring and ultimately buying stock. Also, I think some of fiverr's biggest supporters and advocates are its sellers, the perfect people to buy and most likely hold the stock. Finally, fiverr could even (maybe, just maybe) incentivize it by offering a reduced commission / commission back (on some of the 20%) if this option is chosen. Win win win all round. Just a crazy idea šŸ™ƒ
  10. One of my client want to pay on crypto is it possible to get payment using Fiverr account Share the method or process withe thankyou in advance
  11. I am new in fiverr. Actually I don't have any bank or related account yet. If I get paid by buyer(s), Will it be stored in my fiverr account? Furthermore, If I add a Mastercard after a year later, will fiverr accept it and pay me my earned money then?
  12. Hi there, Are you able to pay outside Fiverr? Or must it only be through Fiverr, through an offer? Thanks!
  13. Hi all. i wanted to ask a question about selling on Fiverr, at the moment a website designer here on Fiverr is creating a wordpress site for me, i wanted to advertise my skills as others do on all social media, but also i want to start to sell on Fiverr. My templates and related videos are hosted on Vimeo. The wordpress hosting at Bluehost includes the woocommerce store / plugin for normal selling. Is there any way i can also sell on Fiverr without the expense of creating an entirely new website? I have never used Fiverr for selling so iĀ“m not very experienced on how it all works.
  14. Hi i am a new seller and have a doubt "payoneer or paypal is best for asian's please share your experience
  15. This is a customer I have worked with and she wants me to register her in some services where it needs to pay a subscription. She wants me to give her my account number so she transfers the money of the subscription directly and the rest as an order as usual. Should I provide it or I would be banned?
  16. adding a function where buyers could pay for extra's to already started orders. results are positive for both buyer and sellers and would in the long run especially increase rev for sellers that are flexible in how they work and what the requirements specify
  17. I am a seller on Fiverr, and I have profits from the 9th month, and 14 days have passed so far. It has not been added to my available balance for withdrawal. I don't know what the problem?
  18. Hi! i have a suggestion to add to fiverr! I presume you guys are familiar with the method of rounding off savings that some apps and banks use to create expanding equity accounts and grow liquidity and value within the company? This might be something for fiverr to consider to add to its payment function as it is a great way to aid users that has an interest in this way of saving money when spending money and creating for them an buffert to use on future payments, all of this using easy to handle and automatic processes. The probability that it will engage users that make alot of small transactions on tight budgets to buy more gigs (thus giving a boost to users own ventures) increases in correlation to their spending and adds to fiverrs tangible book value that hopefully reflects in its enterprice value and total revenue. (resulting in a higher share price and solidity for company, wich is good for us users aswell!) This through services the site currently already offers (small payments with irregular figures), so the actual workload required would be minimal in that sense, the only update needed would be an optional feature to round off to the nearest even number up and put that money in the balance account that every profile already has. The impact for fiverr would if successfully marketed and adopted by the majority of users also mean an general increase in usage and spending ergo more money will flow through the payment system in a positive feedback loop. this added incentive to use the site more using said buffert especially if "saving goals" or other tickers are added to the function, increases the rate of work for sellers and opportunities for individual growth and prosperity for buyers and sellers alike. to add to it this micro saving is something fiverr in turn could take an micro fee for as they already do and thereby adding an income stream to the already existing river of liquidity in Fiverr International Ltd. have a great day and take care. šŸ™‚ pls feel free to add to or critique my suggestion.
  19. Hi, I have worked for a client and he is going to pay me using my Payoneer account details. So when he submitted the payment, Payoneer asked him to wait untill approval and I got an email that was asking for details about my business and why the client is paying me. I filled that form and mentioned Fiverr as my main website where I work and told everything about my service and payment reason. Now I am here to ask you people that is this valid to mention Fiverr there? I mean have you experienced such projects? Have you ever worked for someone using this way? Or there is a risk included? What you think? Will Payoneer allow my balance Transfer or will contact Fiverr for this secret payment? Please clear this. Thank you
  20. Hai all, how much service charge deducted for 5$ work, in my experience 3.95$ are credited to my account for 5$ job please replay
  21. I don't have any experience in global payment services. Recently, I create a account on Payoneer though Fiverr referral. I receive an email from Payoneer that they approved my request to get payments from Fiverr. All payments received from Fiverr will be deposited directly into my bank account. I have also option to withdraw money from Payoneer to bank. But Still my NID verification and global payment service is under review in Payoneer. If I withdraw money from Fiverr now, can I receive the money from Payoneer to Bank? or, I have to wait for the verifications?
  22. Something that has been hindering me from creating a gig in the mobile app development field is my unsureness how to ask for payment info to sign up for a platfrom. For instance, in the app development space, once you have completed creating a mobile app and are ready to submit it on the play stores, there is a $25 one time fee for google play and a $99 fee for every app (I think). But when I offer to release a sellers app on the play stores, (let me say the google play store) Do I create a new google account or do they give me their existing account's passwords? Then do I charge them $25 extra dollars to open them a google developer account? If so, how do I ask them for payment information in the most professional way without sounding like a scam, is there a more secure way of asking the buyer required sensitive info necessary to complete the deal?
  23. I have recruited a couple friends and family members to give me some work via Fiverr but every time they try to buy my gig, their payment won't process. Any ideas why?
  24. Hello!! At present, as a Bangladeshi, any method is easy and reliable to withdraw payment from Fiverr. Thanks
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