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  1. When we started off on Fiverr we were using Paypal but then found a much better way to receive our hard earned money. USE Payoneer. Fiverr uses USD as it's default currency. If you withdraw different currencies from fiverr or paypal you will be given a very poor exchange rate. Here is how to solve this. Set up a Payoneer account and withdraw your funds in USD from Fiverr. Payoneer only charge you $1 to do this. Next if you are from the UK (not sure for other countries) set up a Transferwise account. Send the Payoneer funds to your transferwise account. Change your USD to GBP/Euro or any other currency you require at a VERY good rate saving you ALOT of money on exchange fees that paypal take. This is by far the BEST way to save money hands down. I hope this helps everyone who looses out when changing currencies!
  2. Hello Sri Lankan sellers, I'm a new seller from Sri Lanka. What is the best withdrawal method for Sri Lankan sellers? Which way reduces the fees that lose?
  3. I have heard about fiverr affiliates..Can anyone please tell me details about fiverr affiliates
  4. hello pls i applied for withdrawal on my fiverr account, and i realized i forgot the password to the payoneer account and getting another one proves abortive because i cant also remember the password to the main gmail account i used, pls i need help here.
  5. Hello everyone, I want to use Fiverr revenue card but unfortunately my Payoneer account is blocked two years ago, isn’t there any option to order the card with a new account or something similar? thanks in advance!
  6. For example Robert Downy Jr. . Payoneer doesn't allow dot(.) or any types of symbol. Is this going to be a big issue? My bank account name has a dot(.) in it.
  7. Hello there! Couple of years ago I've decided to become an independent illustrator and choose the Fiverr platform to find clients; all was great and I've even started to believe that there might be a bright future, until someone (who cannot be named) decided to start a small ̶v̶i̶c̶t̶o̶r̶i̶o̶u̶s̶ war. Since that many organisations decided to cancel russians, who have nothing to do with the events in Ukraine (someone even decided to ban russian cats, lol, what a shame). PayPal and Payoneer don't work in my country anymore, so I can't continue to work as a freelancer here, I can't even withdraw my money... But there was a time when Fiverr accepted cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) as a payment method, so is there any chance to enable it again or make such an exception for russian sellers? I guess you shouldn't worry about our taxes, I think there are no russians who really want to pay for the war or even support it. Thank you for your attention!
  8. Hi, I have just enabled Fiverr Revenue card as a withdrawal method and I have linked it to my existing Payoneer account. I need to know if I withdraw through the Fiverr Revenue card. 1. Will the balance be available in my Payoneer account? 2. Will I be able to use that fund directly via Payoneer to send payments. (or is it restricted to be used only through the Fiverr Revenue card)? Clarifications in this regard is much appreciated as I have just activated Fiverr revenue card and I do not have a physical card. Thanks Zumri
  9. Hello everyone! I've recently moved to Europe and now trying to set up my withdrawal method in Local Currency which is EUR. I've done my research and couldn't find an answer does it worth it to withdraw EUR from Fiverr. I couldn't find the answer to this question: what is the Fiverr conversion rate / fee when withdrawing USD to EUR? Please share your thoughts and experience! Thanks a lot!
  10. Hi, I'm a Fiverr Seller from Austria (local currency is €) and I want to ditch PayPal currency conversion from USD to Euro because it is straight up robbery. I have a TransferWise account in USD but no way of linking it to my PayPal account because it is an European PayPal account. Would my best option be to ditch PayPal completely and use Payoneer instead? Can anyone confirm that I'll be able to add my Wise bank account in USD to Payoneer without problems? Is someone currently living in Europe using a withdrawal setup like this and can confirm? Fiverr $ -> Payoneer $ -> Wise $ -> Wise € -> European Bank Account € Thanks! Daniel
  11. Is it no longer possible to withdraw your money if you're from Russia? Payoneer and PayPal both have stopped working 😞
  12. Can I withdraw fiverr fund by my father/mother payoneer account?
  13. Is there any security issue to provide my Fiverr associated Payoneer account details, input on bKash gateway? what do you think?
  14. Hi there! For the past 3 weeks, I have been unable to withdraw my funds via Bank Transfer. I did my last withdrawal about a month ago, and now for some odd reason, when I try to initiate a withdrawal, a pop-up window opens, which states that I am "trying to add a new withdrawal method." As I said, I already had a Bank Transfer (via Payooner) account linked to my Fiverr account. I contacted customer support a couple of weeks ago, and they tell me on a daily basis that the relevant team is still working to solve this technical issue. Has anybody experienced something similar? PS: I suspect the reason for this technical bug is the "new feature" (rainbow-colored circle) which, when added to the bank transfer button, reset it, and removed the existing info?
  15. Hello, i just notice this message fron Payoneer. I'm not fluent in English, so i personally didn't understand what is this mean. It says: We're writing to let you know that there are some fee adjustment coming into effect soon on Fiverr Ltd. Payouts international disbursement. in 2018, we introduced a standard loading fee that is deducted when payments are disbursed from marketplaces and companies. While this fee was not collected right away across all payment methods, we're writing to inform you that a fee of 3.00 USD will start to be collected from disbursement by Fiverr Ltd. Payouts international in 60 days, from November 3, 2021 This fee will only apply for payments you receive from November 3, 2021 onwards and will not be collected retroactively. We appreciate you business and would like to thank you for you continued support Thank you, The Payoneer Team *if you do not agree with this change, you can terminate your Payoneer account with no additional charges by contacting us before November 3, 2021. Does it mean every income i get from Fiverr and if i'm using Payoneer to withdraw it to my local bank it will cost me $3? P.S: i have the screenshot but strangely i can't attached it here. Thank you in advance.
  16. I opened a payoneer account with Fiverr referral link, but now every time i send money from fiverr the money is not deposited in payoneer, they send it to automatic bank, but I want to have my money in payoneer, and i will spend it through payoneer card, I can't find a solution, please help someone
  17. I did Withdrawing of my Earn to my Payoneer account. Unfortunately, For Security purpose, the Payoneer account blocked. Now I am opening a new payoneer account. But I can't able to remove old payoneer account and add new payoneer account on my account. So, My question is? How can i remove my old payoneer account and add my new payoneer account. To Withdraw my earning. See the attachments...
  18. Can anyone tell me about the Payoneer service? How does that work? And how can I transfer with local bank accounts?
  19. hi there, one of my friend told me his fiverr account is disabled. and now he signup another account using his father's id card. he want to add his old payoneer account to new fiverr account. this payoneer account was added in the old fiverr account. is there any violation or tos for that? he can add his old payoneer by removing from old fiverr account and add into his new fiverr account? thanks
  20. so i have been trying to withdraw money from Fiverr Bank transfer and when i tried to do it. it tell me to verify because "your trying to add new withdrawal method" and takes me to a page where it says your Payoneer account under review and i have trying to fix it with Fiverr Support and Payoneer Support and they are just making me jump back and forth between Fiverr Support And Payoneer Support And now i am really frustrated because Fiverr is say " No it's not Fiverr's Fault Please talk to Payoneer Support" and Payoneer is saying " No it's not Payoneer's Fault Please talk to Fiverr Support". What am i supposed to do Please some help?
  21. I withdraw money from fiver and Withdrawal Completed Successfully message came. I didn't receive any confirmation message and nothing appear in my payoneer account.
  22. For Payoneer if you have 2 name on a bank account would that be a prob with setup Payoneer?
  23. Hi i am a new seller and have a doubt "payoneer or paypal is best for asian's please share your experience
  24. Why am I still not receiving any confirmation email after submitting my payoneer account details. I need to hire content writers for my websites but before that I have to connect account with fiverr? Its has been 3 week now and I am still waiting for the payment confirmation email. Don't know what to do next ? any one help out with proved solution
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