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  1. Recently I unlinked a payoneer account from my fiverr and added another payoneer. On pioneer's website it shows that the account is linked to fiverr and verified but when I try to withdraw funds fiverr asks me to connect my payoneer account after clicking on that link I am redirected to this page. I have contacted payoneer support and I was told that my account is verified and connected to fiverr and after contacting fiverr support I was told that my payoneer account is under review?
  2. Hi, I'm a Fiverr Seller from Austria (local currency is €) and I want to ditch PayPal currency conversion from USD to Euro because it is straight up robbery. I have a TransferWise account in USD but no way of linking it to my PayPal account because it is an European PayPal account. Would my best option be to ditch PayPal completely and use Payoneer instead? Can anyone confirm that I'll be able to add my Wise bank account in USD to Payoneer without problems? Is someone currently living in Europe using a withdrawal setup like this and can confirm? Fiverr $ -> Payoneer $ -> Wise $ -> Wise € -> European Bank Account € Thanks! Daniel
  3. I forget which payoneer account i add in my fiverr bank transfer option . I really want to see on fiverr . please help me
  4. i cannot withdraw my fiverr revenue to my payoneer account..after i press the bank transfer button on earnings page.. the verification does not happen... call verification option is un available and when i press sms verification the sms code doesnt come.. i even checked my number registered in fiverr.. but all good, im receiving logging in verification code to the same number... but not this withdrawal verification code... please help... would be a huge help ...
  5. My country cannot use Paypal to receive payment right now and I can't keep Payoneer account active. Can I leave my money in Fiverr account without payout methods?
  6. I've been wanting to remove my Payoneer account and add another one instead. I will probably do it anytime soon. But my question is, if I remove a payoneer account, will I be able to use that removed account in another Fiverr account again?
  7. Hello! I've been trying to connect my Fiverr account with my payoneer account as withdrawal system, Initially I used the direct deposit method and now it's been waiting for approval of payoneer card for 36hrs+, but I do not have a payoneer card, so if I select direct deposit again to change it to the normal payoneer withdrawal bank system(as shown in the second image) it's asking me to login and after I do so, there's no way to change it or proceed to do anything at all. Right now I need to add my Fiverr to my payoneer without the use of the payoneer card. Please help me
  8. Me and my friend run our fiverr account and we've been using PayPal for some time and have decided to try out Payoneer. My friend created a Payoneer account and i thought he linked it with fiverr. On the other hand I've been thinking of creating another Payoneer account and linking it with fiverr. To try out my idea i opened up fiverr and in the end accidently i initiated withdrawal to payoneer. I was like oh well might me to my friends account. But when I asked him about it he says no he's not linked his Payoneer with fiverr and worst case his Payoneer account has been blocked. Btw I came to this conclusion since the fiverr account and his Payoneer account was created on the same Gmail! So what will happen? Will my money go? And since currently it's gone from fiverr where is it?
  9. Is there anybody tell me how I can remove my all-payment methods from my account, because I wanna add new accounts there? Thanks in advance
  10. Today I was under the illusion that by connecting my bank to fiverr I would have more money since paypal takes a lot of money to withdraw,instead I find out that I will have the same amount of money in euros in both cases. Please someone help me.I have 1366 dolars and it becomes 1314 in both cases bank and paypal . I did not work hard for this.
  11. Hello, I have a question. Can I use Payoneer Business Account to Fiverr to withdraw earnings? or need personal payoneer account? Thanks
  12. Hello all, I'm from Bangladesh and top-rated seller in WordPress development category. I would like to like to know if i can use USA bank account ( I got USA bank details from Wise.com ) on my fiverr for withdrawal dollars from fiverr? Is there any way to withdraw dollars from fiverr to my Wise Usa bank account rather then Payoneer or paypal? Thanks all.
  13. How can i switch from my PayPal account to Payoneer? Is there any way to change it? I used to use my brother's PayPal account for withdrawals, But I can not use that now for some reason. So I want to add my Payoneer account.
  14. Hello Fiverr Community! How do I receive US dollars instead of local currency when I transfer my earnings from Payoneer to my local bank account? If you have any idea then please let me know. I really need to know this because I am going to initiate this process soon. Thank you for your time.
  15. i want to withdraw money from Fiverr to Payoneer. and my Fiverr account is verified. But Payoneer account is asking to verify "Provide business details". Can I withdraw money from Fiverr without verifying it?
  16. I closed my payoneer account which is linked with my fiverr already so I will have to use another payoneer account to withdraw my upcomong funds can I do that?
  17. Hey guys, how are you all doing? I want to remove the current payoneer account linked with my Fiverr username and I want to add another payoneer. How can I do that.
  18. I did Withdrawing of my Earn to my Payoneer account. Unfortunately, For Security purpose, the Payoneer account blocked. Now I am opening a new payoneer account. But I can't able to remove old payoneer account and add new payoneer account on my account. So, My question is? How can i remove my old payoneer account and add my new payoneer account. To Withdraw my earning. See the attachments...
  19. Hello Everyone! I Need Information About Withdraw Amount From Fiverr Using Payoneer I want to withdraw my money from my account. I verified my fiverr account. Now i want to withdraw money and want to transfer the money on my payoneer account. But there is a question arrised. I don't have bank account and i can't open a bank account for my personal issue. Now I want to create a payoneer account and verify with my nid card. So, can i create payoneer account and add my brother bank account there? And Can I transfer the money on my brother bank account? Is there any problem will i face like account suspension? Waiting everyone reply. Please give me right information. Thank You
  20. Should the name on id card used in verifying fiverr identity and the payoneer account name be same to attach payoneer to fiverr??
  21. Greetings, I have an account on fiverr and i did few orders on it ... I verified my identity using my id card on fiverr ... I don't have payoneer account on my own name so i used someone's payoneer account to widraw money from fiverr. So basically, name on my id card verified by fiverr and the payoneer account name are different. Whenever i try to add my payoneer account to fiverr, it fails. It does'nt give any error but payoneer does'nt attach to it. Should i open bank account and make payoneer on the same name as id card to widraw money??? I contacted fiverr team many times but they could'nt help ... Kindly let me know that how can i widraw money from fiverr now??? :((
  22. Hello Sri Lankan sellers, I'm a new seller from Sri Lanka. What is the best withdrawal method for Sri Lankan sellers? Which way reduces the fees that lose?
  23. hello pls i applied for withdrawal on my fiverr account, and i realized i forgot the password to the payoneer account and getting another one proves abortive because i cant also remember the password to the main gmail account i used, pls i need help here.
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