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  1. Hi! If I keep connected 1 PayPal or 1 Payoneer in Multiple Fiverr account at the same time, will it affect on our Fiverr account?
  2. Hi! I am sharing my gig on social media. There are lots of friend and follower on my social media account. Now when I share my gig, they click and come to visit my gig, but they are not going to buy. So, how Fiverr sees it? Will it be counted as a spam? Will it impact on my Fiverr profile or on my gig?
  3. Are you sure? if I use my picture, it will not impact on my Fiverr ID?
  4. Hi! I have verified my Fiverr account with my father's ID, because I don't have any ID yet. But the problem is: despite being verify with my father's ID, but I'm using my own picture on Fiverr profile. Now would it be ok if I keep using my picture or should I use my father's picture?
  5. Could you please tell me how will I be able to know about Fiverr algorithm? What criteria should I maintain for ranking my gigs on the top page? Please help me..
  6. If I delete one of my buyers chat list from my inbox, can Fiverr see the conversation between me and that buyer?
  7. If I use my Fiverr's same description on LinkedIn, Upwork or any social media, is there any problem?
  8. If my Fiverr & Upwork profile's pictures are same, will it be any problem with my accounts?
  9. I had a Fiverr account which I have recently deleted. I removed the Fiverr profile image before deleting the first account. Now can I use that image on profile for present Fiverr account?
  10. "It's impressive to see your achievements so far. The sudden change in your gig's performance could be due to various factors, such as changes in Fiverr's algorithm or increased competition. I recommend analyzing your gig's keywords, optimizing your descriptions, and promoting your gigs through social media to regain visibility. Stay positive and keep adapting to ensure continued success on Fiverr!"
  11. "Hey there! I'd be happy to help. To make improvements to your gigs, I recommend reviewing your gig titles, descriptions, and tags for better optimization. Enhance your gig visuals, showcase your expertise, and consider promoting your gigs on social media or utilizing Fiverr promotions. Feel free to share your gigs, and I'll provide specific suggestions. Keep refining and experimenting for better results. Good luck!"
  12. "Hi! To understand why you're not getting orders on your gigs, analyze your gig titles, descriptions, and tags for relevance and optimization. Consider improving your gig visuals, showcasing your expertise, and promoting your gigs through social media or Fiverr promotions. Additionally, engaging with the Fiverr community and seeking feedback can provide valuable insights. Keep experimenting, refining, and don't lose hope! Good luck!"
  13. "If you're not getting any orders, consider optimizing your gig's title, description, and tags, showcasing your expertise through a strong portfolio, promoting your gig through social media or Fiverr promotions, and engaging with the Fiverr community. Continuous improvement, exceptional customer service, and patience can help attract orders. Keep experimenting, refining your approach, and stay positive. Best of luck!"
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