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  1. To report that specific message where they ask for an outside payment method, click on 'More Actions. then click "Report' Choose the reason for the report, proceed to the next step, and then submit it. The buyer will automatically get blocked from your side as well.
  2. Yes, when your order completion rate increases to 90%, you will regain it.
  3. 😑 Don't worry; the other two will be blocked soon. Fiverr only allows one account for one person.
  4. Who said? Just go to customer support and ask for confirmation why this happened; they will guide you in a better way.
  5. According to your evidence, Fiverr can put a seller account under review. After 60 days, they may suspend it or allow the seller to keep using it. However, they cannot return the money you transferred. In such a case, you can simply visit your bank or connect with your local police if you are certain that you were scammed. If you're just thinking and not sure, there might not be any use in taking action. Alternatively, if the seller is busy, it might be best to wait for a day before initiating any action.
  6. 😁 I was going to make the same comment. Then I thought he might feel bad, like 😁, as he just gave new sellers a new idea to post their first order as the second order of 2024. The Fiverr forum is already full of useless topics, and this will be a new addition. And I'm also feeling a bit sad 😁. I miss having so many congratulations on my first order of 2024.
  7. I don't think Fiverr minds if you change the payment method multiple times. For additional security, you can connect with Fiverr support.
  8. Maybe you used the 'Deliver Again' button to showcase additional work to the client, which you did later for free, and that might be why your account got flagged. This is the only way I believe partial delivery works. I've also received that notice once, so that's not a problem. Just avoid that mistake in the future.
  9. Buyers often write their requirements and then copy and send them to multiple similar gigs. In such cases, they tend to choose the person who replies promptly or provides quick solutions to their problems. Therefore, they might not actually be potential clients for you if you're unable to quickly satisfy them with just a few words.
  10. There is a client who may not have time to review my delivery and might not know how to extend the delivery review time. They are using the revisions option to extend the time. I have no issue with that, but the problem is that I only provide one revision in my gig. As you can see here. he has already asked for a revision for the third time. How is that possible?
  11. My plan for 2024? Nothing. 😶 Life without a plan is full of surprises. Let's see what the next year has in store for me!
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