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  1. Be polite, friendly, and appreciative of their services. Being in the IT field, I know that the Helpdesk is a hard job, and they get a lot of attitude. Kindness and appreciation go a long way toward good will and great service.
  2. I learned the hard way by not asking enough or the right questions. It is important to understand what your buyer really wants. I spent too much time creating and recreating work because I jumped right in and didn't really understand what the buyer wanted. Now I ask several questions - one is, "Are you a new buyer on Fiverr?" This helps me understand where they are in the process. They may not understand that when a project starts, the clock starts as well. Timely communication is key to a successful project. Or that it's important to share exactly what they want and need as we sellers are not mind readers. Sometimes this occurs through multiple conversations with the buyer. I try to be friendly, and communicative and let them know I am here to guide them through this process of our contract. This usually works. But I do have those that answer n/a to required questions; in that instance, I have to go back and explain that the information is required so that I have a clear vision of what they want for a finished product. Again, clear, friendly dialog is a must for communicating with your buyers and getting that 5-star review. I don't always get it 100% but I do try my hardest. I keep growing and learning here on Fiverr. 😀
  3. When I started selling on Fiverr I offered my services at a discount, but found that even though my price was discounted, buyers still expected A+ content. The price is discounted but not the end product. After a few months, my price went up to what I think is a good value to my clients, but also what I feel I am worth. I do offer coupons to customers who are repeat buyers as an incentive to stick with me after I increased my rates. This has been a good business model for me for the time being.
  4. Awesome! One piece of advice - communicate clearly with your buyer. Communication is key. Be polite and deliver what you promised. Continued success, Fellow Fiverr! CC
  5. When submitting concepts of my work, always add a watermark with my Fiverr Name over all images and send it a pdf. I have had requests to remove the watermark because it mars the image and they can't see it clearly (it never does). I always reply that the watermark will be removed when I deliver the images and they accept delivery. Or I deliver (with again the Fiverr watermark on images) and they don't want to accept delivery until after the watermark is removed. I now have a delivery script that explains that the watermark will be removed once they accept delivery. A few have grumbled but it has stopped me from being scammed so far. 🤞
  6. Ok --- So I contacted support and after a few hours of not so patient waiting, they responded with a link for me to upload a different ID. Which I did. My passport and a new selfie and within a few minutes my account was re-activated!!!!! Thank you Fiverr Support!
  7. I woke this morning to a notification that I needed to verify my ID on Fiverr. I immediately took a photo of my ID and a selfie (it was 5:30 am, so not my best selfie). It came back that they were unable to verify - take another photo. So I did. This one was clear and my selfie was better. Each was clear and in focus. It came back again that they couldn't verify my ID. So round three - take it again. Dark background with both ID photo and selfie. Both were in focus and no glare. But I immediately got a response that they couldn't verify my ID. Now my account temporarily suspended and I my gigs have been deactivated. I have several clients that I needed to contact today to send them offers and now cant contact. I am not misrepresenting myself. I am who I say I am. I have spent hours/days/weeks/months building my Fiverr account and clients. I have been self promoting on social media as well. And I never allow for clients to contact me off of the platform. Now I cant access anything but current gigs. I also can not access where or how to submit a copy of my passport or other verifiable info. I did submit a support ticket but haven't heard back from anyone as of yet. Is there anything else I can do to get this resolved? Please Fiverr Forum Gods - help me out! I am genuinely trying my best to not freak out here. CC (MickeyC17 on Fiverr)
  8. I am experiencing the same issue at the moment! Freaking out here. I have just recently started to gain traction with my Fiverr Gigs. I am not misrepresenting myself. I did send in a ticket to the helpdesk, but how else can this be resolved?
  9. So, I am a buyer and a seller on Fiverr. I have had such a terrible experiance buying on Fiverr. I have noted several times that the seller must be in the United States (even filtering for this in my searches) and that they must use American English and common American English terminology/phrases. Time and time again have hired someone only to find out that they are not who they say they are and are not in the US - most often telling me they have relocated to Mexico, Canada, etc... Any advice on how to avoid this?
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