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  1. what should I do when The gig video stays in review
  2. There is a lot of fraud byer in fiverr. Fiverr is strict to the seller but not the byer. Fiverr should take action to this type of fraud byer.
  3. you are absolutely right Grammarly help us a lot. Beside I personally use wordtune. If you are creating a gig on fiverr it helps to get proper word for gig description.
  4. If your gig is good. Then you get rising star within a few minutes after publishing your gig and your gig will be show in first page. I think there is no time system to rank fiverr gig ❤️
  5. congrats bro you have completed 37 order And me do not get the first one
  6. ppc_riyad you are quite right. With that we should add many more thing to become success in fiverr
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