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  1. Hi Jonbaas! Thanks for your reply 🙂 As you are aware that mostly sellers copy paste the template which they have already created. So it's mean that the Buyer Request Section is just a complete waste of time? Whenever I write a Custom Offer for the Buyer Request, there are already hundreds of offers sent. So it's mean that I should also copy paste the template to be at the top of list in front of buyer (I personally write a Custom Offer for each Buyer Request)?
  2. Hello Fiverr Community! Hope you all are enjoying your good health 🙂 As you guys are aware that whenever we send an Offer to a Buyer Request, there are already hundreds of offer sent. In the category which I work (Logo Design), at least 200+ Sellers send offers to a single request. Definitely, the buyer is not a Superman who is going to read all the requests. I think that the Buyer will most likely to order someone who is showing on the top. I just wanted to know that how Fiverr rank the Offers in front of Buyer? Thanks!
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