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  1. My pleasure. If the buyer only provides picture at first then you are free to do questions regarding the project. Once you got all your queries answered then you can proceed with sending invoice to that buyer.
  2. Then please increase your price. I am not forcing anyone to do that. You can follow whatever you feel comfortable with. Cheers
  3. Thank you so much for your salutations. I really appreciate them. The rating displayed on my profile is average of my all ratings which are being uploaded within 60 days. In this way, I have received some 4 stars in the back 2 months that's why its showing me 4.9 starts rating.
  4. You can use the flickr portfolio but I am not sure if you can share behance or dribble portfolio with your buyers.
  5. Yes it is very right. In this way, buyer will approach you to do question answer.
  6. Yes you can actively respond to your buyers query if there is mobile in your pocket.
  7. Hello dear, Make all the desired changes before your gig get some ranking. Once your get gets some rank, do not edit anything in that like adding new pictures in your portfolio, adding video etc.
  8. Hello mam, This is very sad that you are not getting orders. Let me help you in this regard. I may suggest you few things: 1. Try to make the gig images attractive. Make them clean and attractive. 2. Add your flickr portfolio link in your description (Use link shortner to add them in your description of your gig). Since you didn't got any order so you must be showing only 3 gig images. 3. There might be chance that your offering prices are higher then the other sellers. Try to reduce your prices. 4. Add unlimited revisions and make the delivery time shorter in order to compete with other sellers. 5. Add FAQs in your gig so that visitor must understand each and everything.
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