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  1. The keyword you have in your gig title already has a huge number of services and so is the competition. I am listing up some suggestions below that may help you:- Do a good keyword research and create a new gig again. Try to find out a keyword that has below 500 services available. After finding out a 2/3 word efficient keyword search for a long tail key-word of 5-7 words which should have low competition too. While writing your gig title write the main key-word in the beginning of the title, grammar doesn't matter here, you gig title should be easy to fetch by the fiverr search algorithm. Complete the fiverr freelancing essential course and follow it pie to pie while updating your whole profile. Also in that course you'll find a video and a blog which will help you to create and efficient and effective gig, must follow it. In your description don't start with "I know" or any other funny things. Just be specific about your service, what you are offering and what you'll not provide which a buyer may ask for related to your service. Before you start creating a new gig, research the fiverr market what other sellers are offering what are their prices and all, in your category. Doing so you can adjust your gig prices to compete with other sellers. Try to add an attractive, informative and creative thumbnail and images on your gig. For example:- if someone is a content writer the thumbnail image could be like "Do you Know??" and then some fun facts as an answer which can grab attention of a buyer while sending them a message about your services. Also use the PDF section of your gig, upload some well written and long content related to your service, must be interesting. Don't forget the video too. In your description in first 3 lines use all the related key words of your service as a brief detail about your description, it helps your gig rank better too. Create at least 3-4 gigs of a little bit different services in your same category, don't just hope that 1 gig will give you any result. Try these things I hope It will help you, although there is not guarantee how much time will it take for you to receive your first order so spend time on fiverr for at least 8-10 hours, fix a time and in that time try to send 10 buyer requests everyday. Don't send buyer requests to everyone but the only requests that fits your gig services and also try to write every buyer request as per the requirement buyer has posted for never copy and paste it like a template. If you can make a portfolio outside of fiverr in dribble or other open source platforms which are allowed to be promoted in fiverr, add the link in your gig description and also attach the link whenever you are sending a buyer request. In the end I'm gonna say, just create a new gig which will rank better with the keyword where the competition is low but people are buying the services too. Take your time to create your profile and gig, don't rush 'cause, "It's more important to do it right than do it fast". Thank you.!
  2. I think I need to explain my original question a little more to make you understand what I'm looking for and why, I'm listing few points below:- 1. I don't prefer any social media for gig promotion. 2. Quora is an exception, Why?? Because Quora isn't a usual social media it's an open source platform for question and answer. Which means if you search a question in google search engine then there is quite a bit of chance your answer will show up in google ranking, which generate traffic and might convert a traffic to a buyer, not everyone who is looking for a service knows about fiverr, freelancer, Upwork etc. as specific. 3. I'm searching for platforms like BlogSpot, and other open source content creating platforms where I can write thing or create a content and the SEO will help me rank in google for a converting traffic in long term. 4. This is the basic method affiliate marketers follow or digital marketers follow and if it works for them then why a gig promotion which is actually promoting a digital service in an open source wouldn't help me to get more buyers? ** I've already mentioned no usual social media for a reason, but people keep overlooking that line, don't know why?!
  3. I understand what you are saying and I also agree with you here, but I was looking for generalized suggestions what people have already tried and it worked for them. Because I have to start from somewhere right.! 🙂 Thank you for your time.
  4. I am confused, I am not willing to spam anywhere, I was looking for something where I can create content and that content will generate traffic over the years, so I don't understand why is that "not better"? If you explain, it will be helpful. I'm a Quoran for a long time, and I've got followers as I am a technical ( programming ) writer. So I can generate traffic from Quora which I am doing right now or trying to do. But FB, Twitter is no good for me I don't use those platforms that much and these social media lacks the kind of viewers I am looking for.
  5. Other than Quora, what are the best platforms to promote Fiverr gigs and portfolio? (Usual social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are excluded from my list.) ** It's better if suggested websites are blogging or showcasing kind of platforms.
  6. 🧐Just go through the "suggestion" portion in the link, Its applicable for everyone. ⚠️Bookmark this link and follow all the steps for the best result:- https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360016244597-Freelancing-Online-Successfully-Selling-on-Fiverr?segment=seller
  7. First of all please don't look for sympathy, this might sound rude but I'm just being honest with you here. If you're trying to gain attention with sympathy people will just ignore you, instead point out what are the problems you are facing, only then you can find out the solution and others will help you. Second, SEO Expert or SEO manager category is a saturated category in fiverr right now. If you want orders in this category you have to work hard for at least 1 month, if you are expecting to get order in just few days then you're definitely going to be disappointed. So, please be patient. Third, Please work on your profiles. You haven't done or added any information in your Forum profile yet, so we cant visit your seller account or see your gigs so that we can suggest you anything. Its very important, please make a good profile. Here are few suggestions for you that might help you to get orders:- 1. Make a professional seller account. Add your profile picture, use your own image. Write and add description for your seller account which let buyers know about you, your professional skillsets, experience, language proficiency etc. Don't copy it from any other sellers but visit top sellers account to get an idea about what to write and use Grammarly. Update the skills section, education section, certification section of your seller account with proper skillset. Be specific, don't add everything randomly. 2. Have some research about SEO services, how to do, what are the technicalities and all. There are thousands of informative videos and blogs available in the internet. The more you know the more you can use effective keywords everywhere in your profile and gigs. 3. Complete the "Online freelancing essential course". 4. Take tests in your preferred category. That will make your profile authentic. 5. In "Online freelancing essential course", you'll get a link where you'll find detailed description about how to create an efficient gig, What to do and what not to do, you should always follow that to get the best result. 6. Research proper key words, longtail key words, market price ranges, offers other competitor are offering, what buyers are looking for, what's new and going to be big in 2-3 months. 7. Create at least 5 gigs with different gig services, same category or different is not an issue. 8. Spend at least 8-10 hours on fiverr every day, fix your time, don't be random. Download fiverr mobile app. Learn how to write a buyer request properly and send at least 10 buyer request every day 1 month. 9. Visit forum regularly, see what's new, ask questions if you have a problem, contribute if possible. 10. Fiverr isn't bound to give you orders, so if you don't work you wont get it. Bring traffic from other sites like "Quora" to rank better in your category. In Quora search for seo related question which have good answers with numbers of views and upvotes, and write a good answer to that question with few images, in the end of your answer you can embed the link of your gig and ask people to visit if they are interested. Do these, and within 6 months you'll have a better profile and portfolio than 90% of the sellers in your category. Thank you.
  8. That cleared up a lot of my questions. Thank you for helping me out. ✌️
  9. Yes I have many skillsets tbh because I've offline experience in web development and graphics designing, but in another topic people have suggested me to not create multiple gigs in different sub-categories that may lead to confusion among the customers. So I am a little confused here, should I create multiple gigs or not? Here is the link for reference.
  10. Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I actually happen to be online for near about 18 hours a day, but still no luck. May be you are right, I need to change the sub category for receiving buyer request.
  11. Hi, I am a new user. I can't see any buyer request yet in my seller account. I've gone through other questions regarding this topic and found many members have suggested to create multiple gigs to receive buyer requests. I have 2 questions:- 1. Do I need to create multiple gigs to receive buyer requests? 2. If yes to the first question, do I need to create multiple gigs "in different category" or "in the same category but in different sub category"? I'll be really grateful if anyone could help me with this.
  12. Hi, I have seen similar answer in a different topic. Can you please tell me if I have to create 5 gigs in different category or 5 gigs in same category but in different sub category? Thank you.
  13. I'm little bit confused. To get buyer requests, I need to create more than 1 gig in "Different categories" or in the "Same category but in different sub-category"??
  14. I can't even find a single buyer request. Can anyone help?
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