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  1. you know keeping more than 5 gigs has no effect on your sales. I'm pretty sure you're lacking this red line here. maybe gig metrics doesn't meet the qualified enough for the promoted feature. it just happens and some days later it gets automatically fixed itself. follow these: respond quickly to buyers messages. give them excellent service. try to deliver faster try to get positive review from buyers. (it helps the exposure and metrics to get ranked up again) https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360017729338
  2. Okay, if I were you, I'd restart selling services on Fiverr as something new. (However, the choice is yours.) Your gig title is entirely critical. on some buyers psychological side, they are unable to search you when using specific keywords. for your better performance, advertise your gig through social media like facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. There's no point in creating more gigs with critical SEO titles. I'd say research more about what you are trying to offer as a service.
  3. What the heck?! You've been here on this platform since 2013? I sent a message pls check it
  4. It is impossible to find a seller who has created a video for you. I can see that this video is two years older. do you have older emails that you've used to create fiverr accounts? you could try contact fiverr support and ask them to double check some information for you?
  5. @mustasimjawad You're on the 5th page, and your rank is probably eighth or ninth. Keep researching keywords by following YouTube videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu4e8KNp5i8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK40HKwmV14
  6. It's a bug thing. Since you can't upload files I'd ask fiverr support about it. They autocrat the whole systems. Hope they will fix for you. Alternatively, you can upload files to wetransfer or dropbox in order to share/discuss the projects together.
  7. You haven't chosen a competitive title for your gig keyword. that's mandatory. Every gig needs something more competitive, and the search result will be shown to potential buyers. I'd do research on keywords related to what you are offering to buyers. check your message 😏
  8. Okay, this could be the reason why this seller hasn't created the software you're looking for; The seller had no idea of your requirements, which you provided to him. How would you like the software codes to run? for your company or business (just a hint) If you are dissatisfied with the work he delivered, I'd ask customer support for a refund if it's possible to get your money back from that seller.
  9. I'd say try asking customer support about it; https://www.fiverr.com/support/ It seems like the seller couldn't accomplish your expectations. Some sellers here on this platform can't satisfy buyers requirement but copy others. he/she could be a fake, fraud, or scammer. I'd be careful next time.
  10. Could you please tell me and mention what the gig was about? What did you get from this seller?
  11. I'd advise you to ask fiverr support here: https://www.fiverr.com/support/
  12. if you are only editing the descriptions, it won't lower the rank of your gig. and if you change the title of your gig to something more competitive, the search result will surely be invisible to potential buyers. but again, You can make changes regarding pricing, descriptions, and packages; it won't affect your ranking.
  13. you know, It's a fiverr bug. when you save a seller's gigs on your list; they just last for a month or years or so. favorite gigs are not at all helpful to buyers like you; some may find them helpful, and sometimes they are irritating. if you ever like a sellers service and want to remember them? well I'd advise you to copy sellers gig link and paste on text, doc files then store gig url to your drive and organize them. on desktop for example: to find a sellers profile -> www.fiverr.com/sellername (you have to remember sellers name in order to find them) Copy sellers gig url and paste it on text files and store the text/doc files on your online cloud drive or direct hard drives. Read here to get ideas: Note: still having issues with disappearing fav gigs and links then probably this seller is no longer here on this platform anymore or he/she may have deleted earlier gigs or something.
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