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How to real boost gigs (real tips)???

Guest divside


Guest divside


Hello dear colleagues.
I ask for help in promoting the gig, namely:

Advise what factors actually affect the position of the gig in the catalog and its relevance?
For two years I have been trying to bring my gigs to at least some level, but all I got was one order.

It's just awful for me...
While people who have just registered - receive their orders.

I've looked through thousands of tips. Hundreds of training sessions. I changed descriptions, inserted videos, "played" with prices and so on almost every day. But gigi was at the bottom, and remained.

What I was doing:

  • Played with titles and tags
  • Changed descriptions (from the most banal to the most complete)
  • Tested hundreds of covers
  • Filled out the FAQ.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that all the tips about SEO and an extensive description just don't work.
Because I have seen thousands of people who have a couple of lines and terrible photos in their description, but they are in the top.

As an example, I cite the user "emy_motiongraph" and his gig -

I sincerely don't understand. Descriptions - zero. Tariff descriptions are zero. There is no information in the video except for the works (in my opinion, very simple). But nevertheless, the person received the badge "rising talent".

I sincerely do not understand why such a small description is shown in the search at all:
"I will create your animated logo 2d motiongraphics with absolute quality, creativity and originality, your brand will have a better impact"image.thumb.png.31b9664ba38028a8b15358a408a3e67f.png
I'm not saying this to "offend" a person. And just as a fact that shows that typical tips clearly don't work.


Please look at an example of one of my last gigs and tell me what would you change in it?



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Guest divside
18 hours ago, dmarketer_abdul said:

Fiverr marketplace seller competition is increasing day by day. Besides Fiverr follows different algorithm. For this reason gig rank is difficult for nowadays. Don't be hopeless and should be optimist. Carry on bro.


Im trying to get orders last 2 years bro. Not 2 weeks or 2 months.. 2 years. 

one order. ONE.


im trying more than 1000 variations of all data in gigs: title, pics, videos, descriptions, faq, plans and so on. 

ONE order in 2 year.


its not a joke

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