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  1. Really?? That sucks! Does it affect the percentage rating? Also, from I see in my analytics section, 4.3 counts as 4 star review and not 5. I thought it’s that they don’t leave 5 star on all 3 options they have. If they leave 3 star on one, it comes to 4.3. If they leave 4 star on one, it comes to 4.7
  2. By the way, on a slightly related but different note, have you had buyers that leave you say 4 stars or 4.3 or 4.7, but then become return buyers or leave you a tip. I’m very confused from clients like that. I wonder if they have pressed the wrong button or something 😕
  3. It’s true. I used to have higher percentage also, but I have about 1100 orders completed now and it’s stuck at 67%. But I’m fine with it, it’s also true that when you have a lot of repeat clients they stop leaving reviews after a while. They feel they’ve said it all. Considering almost 700 people have left me reviews and my overall feedback is 4.9, I am very happy 🙂
  4. Ok, I feel bad now! It’s obviously on the lower end 😦 must do something about that
  5. Love that lol! 🙂 most of my return stop leaving reviews after the first couple of orders, I feel it’s kind of ‘I already said what I had to say’ How do you deal with that?
  6. I just noticed they have that statistics in the new analytics (I know they had kind’a had it before, but it wasn’t that clear). For me, it’s 67% of my buyers left me reviews. So I was just wondering is that an average number, do you guys have more or less? To encourage my buyers to leave me reviews, I add this sentence to the delivery message (after I’ve told them that they can contact me with any questions or concerns about the order, of course): Alternatively, if you are happy with my work, I’d appreciate it if you mark the order as complete and leave a Fiverr review. I never say “leave a good review”. A few times it has backfired and people have left bad reviews. Sometimes they would leave a 4 stars review. But I figure I can learn from the feedback and at least the ones who are happy do leave great reviews. So I was just wondering if this sentence is something that’s really working or if 67% is just an average percentage for review-leaving. Thanks for your help! Maya
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