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  1. Today! I got a notification that your buyer left 7 comments on order file, But when i opened it up, there are no comments, as delivered video can be played but can't for comments page for it! Now asking buyer again and again to send the comments in conversation could be irritating! anyone else had these issues? my niche is explainer videos and delivered file was a video! Help if somebody knows how to check the comments
  2. after 1 month they will make it available just to withdraw your amount! Fiverr never takes your money away
  3. would love to be a part of it soon! A self tutor on fiverr
  4. not in a month! take your time and work! stable and consistency is the key! never get disappointed so early! Also, make effective and better multiple gigs (but different from old, even if it falls under same service or category)
  5. Research better keywords and update them in your title, tags and description! A SEO optimized description helps a lot!
  6. Completed my fiverr order In milestone category, and it helped a lot keeping my earning safe, as we invest in Scripting, voiceover and then motions so every milestone helps later to dispute on only a part of the whole project
  7. I would disagree. There are successful full time freelancers on fiverr including myself. Anyone can work on fiverr. What kind of help do you expect from fiverr? And what rights do you think you need to get? I totally disagree too Thousands of fiverr successfull stories are there! The thing is unique and extraordinary services wins the race! and if your service is just like others! it will compete and stay with them
  8. Copying will never help either! Getting inspired is something else and copying is a theft! Fiverr’s algorithm will catch you and will put you far away from search! Take time, get inspired and Write a better description! also, you can try content writers to help you with that
  9. Complete 10-15 good amount and quality orders! with a best response rate! keep yourself online on platform while you are working! and deliver on time and try to deliver faster than the quote time of delivery
  10. I always say! Sir as per Fiverr’s Terms and Conditions, A seller can never contact buyer outside fiverr! Its better we should keep our conversation documented over here, this will help you to complaint if there is any issues related to my work later!
  11. Never as a buyer to rate! whenever you deliver just add one line! If you liked the delivery, your one feedback could make my fiverr journey more better 🙂 Please consider giving feedback, if you have 1 spare minute for me as TIP 🙂 this helps me a lot! my 90% orders are rated
  12. As per me, the buyer 1st checks the Delivered work! so! ratings affects the gig in search panel but the only one thing you can do is drive traffic from social channels! offer your service to someone of your known, bring them to your fiverr profile! serve them as a professional and let them review you according to your work! according to me 1 single negative review and other better delivery and rating will bring the trust back on your gig and buyers will see the portfolio! I hope my answer helps
  13. Reached level 1 again Lost due to 2 buyers ratings! They got best delivery but rated down due to modifications done late! Still reviews were perfect work but got delayed! LEVEL IS BACK but orders aren’t helping! Already in capital of India No earning no funds Hard to survive
  14. So! Welcome to my query! I hope you can help, I am not able to do sales sincd a long time Can you check my profile and wrote one big TIP below to do little better via gigs title, Description, anything I do animated explainer videos! Link - https://www.fiverr.com/animayker Thanks for helping
  15. Wish u a luck mate ❤️ Never loose hope and deliver the best always!
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