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  1. I have been allowed to promoted my two gigs and I was promoting it, but suddenly it's showing unqualified and became stop without explaining anything. Also my the gig impression became very very low. even lower than if I don't promote these, like 5-10 impression. It's like, I made any mistake and fiverr is punishing me without any warning. I don't understand. Is there anyone who can tell me why it's happened and how to solve it.
  2. Canceling order is a bad think bad thing but bad review is a nightmare, Bad review made bad mark on your profile for lifetime.
  3. Congratulation and best wishes for you 👍
  4. Congratulation and Best wishes for you, Go ahead 👍
  5. It may take time sometimes, but if you be patient follow the rules and work actively. Hopefully you will gain soon. Best of Luck
  6. I am using 1600 X 550 px by someone's suggestion. Doing good I think.
  7. I appreciate your reply Sir, but here you can see the Status is still INCOMPLETE in the image, that means the order haven't started yet. The thing is it's been 3 month it is pending just like that. My query was, is there any step I should take or leave it as it is?
  8. A Buyer placed the order on may 04, but haven't submitted his requirements. I sent him reminder and and text him for submitting his requirements many times but he never responded. Is there anything I can or I should do about it? Please help someone
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