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  1. I have been allowed to promoted my two gigs and I was promoting it, but suddenly it's showing unqualified and became stop without explaining anything. Also my the gig impression became very very low. even lower than if I don't promote these, like 5-10 impression. It's like, I made any mistake and fiverr is punishing me without any warning. I don't understand. Is there anyone who can tell me why it's happened and how to solve it.
  2. Canceling order is a bad think bad thing but bad review is a nightmare, Bad review made bad mark on your profile for lifetime.
  3. Congratulation and best wishes for you 👍
  4. Congratulation and Best wishes for you, Go ahead 👍
  5. It may take time sometimes, but if you be patient follow the rules and work actively. Hopefully you will gain soon. Best of Luck
  6. I am using 1600 X 550 px by someone's suggestion. Doing good I think.
  7. I appreciate your reply Sir, but here you can see the Status is still INCOMPLETE in the image, that means the order haven't started yet. The thing is it's been 3 month it is pending just like that. My query was, is there any step I should take or leave it as it is?
  8. A Buyer placed the order on may 04, but haven't submitted his requirements. I sent him reminder and and text him for submitting his requirements many times but he never responded. Is there anything I can or I should do about it? Please help someone
  9. Congratulations and best wishes
  10. It means you deliver quality works, Keep it up
  11. Congratulations, Hope you will get more Best wishes
  12. Congratulations! Keep doing quality work. Best Wishes
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