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  1. Yea it is Idera. It is not easy to the first 200 the first time you are starting out. But you just have to keep pushing, looking for better way of doing what you are doing, creating as many gig as possible even if it is same type of services but you have to use diff gig description. You can also research other services around your niche you can offer. It is a journey of lots of trial and error. That road many don’t want to travel. But if you keep at it, it will pay off I believe
  2. Yea and Paypal is not usually an option if you are a Nigerian in Nigeria as recieving of fund is not allowed for us unless you are using a business paypal account My only misgiving against payoneer is the terribly low exchange rate they are using. Usually %10 less than official market. That is rediculous buh I doubt we really have an other legit option
  3. Personally It was upto $200 before I was allowed to make my first withdrawal. I guess that will still be rule till now
  4. So so excited to have made it to level one after a long while. My fiverr journey 've not been easy but have been full of lessons. Thanks to you guys in this forum for all the lessons you share. I will share the few lessons from my little experience here soon.
  5. Hi Everyone, I create explainer video ads for businesses and would like include link to my portfolio website in my gig description such that any buyer can copy the link and and open in a new tab leading to my own webpage outside Fiverr. Is that allowed? Is it against TOS? Thanks for your anticipated replies
  6. Yea, try contacting support team. Thanks for making the extra effort to give a better review you think he or she deserves. It’s a sweet spice for us sellers.
  7. Thanks for this. It ve not been easy for me this new year but I hope things will pick up soon
  8. Welcome to this platform. It’s gono be sometimes sweet and sometimes bumpy. But if you keep the faith, keep learning and tweaking, and being at your best, it will will be all worth it at the end. Wishing you the best.
  9. I have learnt few tips on sending offers to buyer requests such as: Don’t use templates Tell them what they will get Etc Yet I have sent over 10 offers and no one ever reached out. Wondering if it’s that tough to get an offer via buyer request. I am a new seller, very close to becoming level one…smiles
  10. Damn! Sorry about that. Thanks for sharing to warn us
  11. Absolutely true. The more gig the more buyer request
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