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  1. No, it is not possible to withdraw to your domiciliary account directly, unless that have changed recently. Which one was blocked, Paypal or Payoneer? You said you opened PayPal account and it was blocked? Then open payoneer, then withdraw to your domiciliary account. Your first withdrawal must be $50 and above unless the rule have changed
  2. What I can figure out from what you said is that you created a Nigerian personal PayPal account. And then tried withdrawing into it from Fiverr It is not working because a personal PayPal account created in Nigeria doesn't RECEIVE money. You can only use it to make PAYMENT on Fiverr if you are purchasing other people's gigs. If you want to withdraw from Fiverr as a Nigerian, living in Nigeria, with a Nigerian Fiverr account, I suggest you use payoneer. But if you don't have a dormiciliary (dollar) account with a Nigerian bank so you can withdraw in dollars, payoneer will be ripping you off with their ridiculous $/N rate
  3. @frank_d thanks so much for the great value you always bring. Just a quick question. Is it a good idea to keep tweaking your gigs (title, description, tag thumbnail, price etc.) as often as every month? I am referring to a gig that is not performing well of course, I wouldn't toy with a winning gig unless absolutely necessary. This is what I have been doing for my gigs that went all flat for long time now. Is it doing more harm than good as relates to indexing or something? I started out well but now I have no idea what went south.
  4. Yea it is Idera. It is not easy to the first 200 the first time you are starting out. But you just have to keep pushing, looking for better way of doing what you are doing, creating as many gig as possible even if it is same type of services but you have to use diff gig description. You can also research other services around your niche you can offer. It is a journey of lots of trial and error. That road many don’t want to travel. But if you keep at it, it will pay off I believe
  5. Yea and Paypal is not usually an option if you are a Nigerian in Nigeria as recieving of fund is not allowed for us unless you are using a business paypal account My only misgiving against payoneer is the terribly low exchange rate they are using. Usually %10 less than official market. That is rediculous buh I doubt we really have an other legit option
  6. Personally It was upto $200 before I was allowed to make my first withdrawal. I guess that will still be rule till now
  7. Hi @xtivity, I just made my first withdrawal using the "Bank Transfer" button after linking my payoneer account of cos. Then I got an email from payoneer notifying me that i recieved the money from fiverr. Now the money is reflecting on my payoneer account with a link by the side to withdraw to my local GTB account here in Nigeria. My Question: Do I need to click on th withdraw link in Payooner to push the money to my local account or I should relax and payoneer will automatically transfer it? I asked because the steps you outlined above did not mention that the money will enter my payoneer account and I would have to move it again. I thought it would have gone straight to my Local bank account registered with payoneer and refelct after some working days. Thanks for your anticipated reply
  8. Thanks xtivity. I will try this out. What is the minimium you can withdraw. And when you withdraw directly to local bank here, how long does it take to actually reach your bank account. thanks
  9. Cool one @bodmas thanks for sharing that. Wondering how fair is the exchange rate you sell to the exchanger
  10. @bodmas Please I want to know how much % Payooner charges for each withdrawal. What about Fiverr to Payooner, do they also charge? What %? In any case, I dont even have option… Lol
  11. Thanks guys for this discussion. I am just starting out on Fiverr from Nigeria and I was wondering how to go about withdrawing earned funds to Nigerian account knowing how Paypal treats us here. If I got it correctly, the way out is: set up payooner account as a Nigerian. link my Nigerian local bank account to Payooner, While withdrawing fund from Fiverr, use Bank Deposit option on Fiverr to enable me link my Payooner account with Fiverr. That way the money ought to go straight to my local bank account. If for any reason the money lodges in my payooner account, from payooner I should initiate deposit into my local bank, Charges applies. And usually takes 3-5 working days to arrive at local account. Hope I got it correctly. Anything I am missing please?
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