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  1. Nope, this bug was experienced by many Fiverr users this summer (June-July, I believe). When you sent the message to the buyer (or your buyer sent messages to you), they simply disappeared. Sometimes they been delivered just a bit later, sometimes they really disappeared forever and communication between sellers and buyers was so very broken and almost impossible. Notification bug appeared just after this messaging bug. At least, for me. But, things usually work this way: to fix something they need to break something. :'D
  2. Have this bug for a while. Annoying sometimes, but I think this is far better than disappearing messages bug we had twice not so long ago. :'D
  3. Back in 2016 I got my first order for character illustration. It was for my customer’s novel. I was drawing fullbody illustrations for just $20, but I was so happy and proud about doing what I always dreamed of (also the buyer was so happy with the result that he placed another order immediately). :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  4. No, not at all. My average selling price at that moment was less than $100 (and it is now).
  5. Preface: I’m not questioning your methods nor am I trying to dictate how you should do things, but I just want to add here: Do be careful with that. There’s a fine line between being overly patient and unable to recognize malice. Or rather, you don’t have to put up with everything out of sheer good will. I have my specific methods, but thank you for advice. 🙂 Sometimes buyers do try to take advantage of that, it’s true. Still, I have learned my lessons and improved my work process, so there is very little possibility to ask for more and more and more. Or, well, for a price.
  6. Usually customers describe me as “endlessly patient”, but I would never tolerate such an awful tone. Glad to hear you have cancelled their order, such clients have to learn how to behave before making business.
  7. Had such situation once. I explained everything to CS and the artwork was removed from live portfolio. image1016×1084 148 KB
  8. Wow, dead topic been resurrected! I had non-responsive buyers quite often and I use the same scheme for each and every one of them: multiple reminders, help of CS, warnings (if you don’t approve the draft, I will proceed with the artwork as it is and you will lose all your revisions) and delivery. Thanks God, 99% of buyers appeared in time.
  9. It’s a bit of misinformation. Payoneer doesn’t work for those who had prepaid cards. Accounts without cards work the same as before.
  10. Hi, Did you have to manually redeem the bonus $10 somewhere on the site? or was it automatically redeemed once you started the promotion? Regards It was automatically added to my balance and I could use it only for trying the promotion feature.
  11. I have access to this feature. I was pretty fine without promotion, but decided to give it a try and see what will happen. And, well, nothing happened. All the time I had my best selling gig promoted, I got 0 messages or orders. Thank you Fiverr for bonus $10, I spent them all, but I am not going to spend my own money for this. In my opinon - not worth it. Comparing to, well, Instagram promotion (very lazy and cheap one, I should say), which gave me quite a lot of new followers and comments, Fiverr one is expensive ($10 were spent in about 36 hours) and ineffective. I know that clicks =/= orders, but I have strong feeling that the gig been shown elsewhere, not for the target audience. It’s just my experience and my opinion. If somebody finds this helpful - well, that’s good for you, I hope you will take as much from this new feature, as possible.
  12. Nice idea! Sometimes these whites hurts my eyes. 🙂
  13. Because it’s going to be down on Saturday and Sunday and today is Wednesday. People do understand that major updates cause major bugs, but if the maintenance planned on Saturday-Sunday, most of the sellers doing their best to deliver orders before weekend. Messaging bug creates a lot of troubles and it’s really not planned thing.
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