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  1. more than 300,i think it is enough for me
  2. i am not on the first page now and i am not getting order as before. now it’s become harder for me.
  3. modify or edit your gig without removing account
  4. i changed my gig keyword again and again but not getting an order 😐 also, i did social sharing 😢
  5. Yeah, work hard & complete more order to reach higher level. All the Best 😍
  6. yeah, you can edit your Gig and searching keyword by more research.it will help you i think so
  7. All the best and try to promote yourself perfectly
  8. try to share your service at social platform
  9. i am sharing my service social platform but it is not working properly as like before. the impression is going down day by day. not getting any way to incrase it 😥
  10. There is no way to ask buyers for tips i know that. but the buyer wants to give me tips for his extra tasks. after completing his all tasks but he did not give me any tips. i don’t ask him for tips. i just forget that. 🙂
  11. There are 3 images in each gig. This was possible before your 3 images randomly changed by drag and drop. But now it is not working. I can’t make my third image first.
  12. i wanna know when i send the buyer request for getting an order. in the morning or evening or at night. sometimes buyer massage at night. so the night is a good time for getting a buyer…
  13. i want to change some issue on my Gig but the gig is my best seller gig. so if i modify or edit then can i get an order like before
  14. when clients come to me on how to start a conversation with them. how can i fix the budget on his project? when should i send him a custom offer
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