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  1. I just signed up a couple of weeks ago. My SSR was great but he was a little surprised that I don't get more orders than I do. I have been on Fiverr for almost 4 years and made TRS last June, but after 4 years I only have just over 750 orders with 571 reviews (only 5 reviews are not 5 stars). So I am hoping Seller Success can help me find what is missing. I always joke that I'm probably the lowest earning TRS on Fiverr! 😂 The first meeting was good and he was able to tell me that my private feedback (without getting into detail about it) was all positive. He gave me some suggestions for my profile that I have yet to put into practice, but I plan on doing it. Maybe I'm not as good as I think I am? 🤣
  2. I am using Reaper and sometimes Adobe Audition on a M1 Mac Mini I bought back at Christmas time. I also use an Apollo Solo (well, it's the Arrow, but it's the same thing with a different name and paint job), I use RX Elements instead of standard currently. I have to say I did have some problems installing RX when I first got the M1. I had to update my version of RX6 Elements to RX8. Once it was installed, I haven't had any problems really with RX. I will say that my M1 every once in a while gets a little glitchy and I usually just restart I think it's because everything I use is not deemed, "compatible" but everything does work for me 99% of the time. I find that shutting off my Mac Mini when I'm not working helps cut down on the hiccups. I love my Mac M1 and eventually the software companies will catch up to the tech and when they do, it's gonna be even better. The silicon M1 technology is so fast and efficient, I don't think it's going anywhere and can only improve from here. Just sharing my experience. I'm sorry you are having trouble.
  3. I attended for just a few minutes and was a little confused by the chosen platform. I was surprised it wasn’t on Zoom. As soon as I logged on I was asked to “get on stage” and I didn’t know what that meant. Turned out I couldn’t stick around anyway so I logged off. Did you end up discussing things like how to grow your VO business on Fiverr or anything related to Fiverr and being a Fiverr VO seller? When is the next one? I want to be sure I make it and can stay a while. Thanks!
  4. I would like to get a Synco D-2 for making up a travel rig. I have heard nothing but good things about that mic and how similar it is to the MKH 416.
  5. I also own a Sennheiser MKH 416 and I love it! It cuts through a music bed mix really well and I really like the presence boost it has in the upper midrange, but I do agree with you on it not being the best mic for long form narration or audiobooks. I also have a Harlan Hogan VO-1A mic (made by MXL) and its actually a really good mic and has a better sound for longer projects.
  6. Don’t worry about what others think of your chosen DAW. If it works for you and helps you put out great sounding music and audio, then go for it! If it sounds good, IT IS GOOD!
  7. I think because it is powerful, very customizable and it’s very inexpensive. I think the price is what is most attractive to the metal producers for some reason. There is a metal producer on YouTube who uses Reaper and talks in many of his videos about why he switched from ProTools. I like the ability to customize the screen layout and you can make up complex programmed commands and assign them to keyboard shortcuts.
  8. I’m a Reaper guy about 3 years in. I am teaching myself audition because that’s what most VO’s are using and even though I really like Reaper, I’m not married to it. Studio One looks nice, and of course there is Logic since I’m a Mac person as well. I just want the one that either already has, or can be made to have the most productive and streamlined workflow.
  9. Same for me as well. I will do a while before anyone asks for a revision. I always give one revision free. I will say it depends on the buyer of course. The ones needing revisions most are the ones where English isn’t their first language. Sometimes I offer to fix their script as an extra. Some take it, some don’t.
  10. I have contacted support about this issue. Today will be the 3rd day for me that I can’t bid on buyers requests. This is what they told me… Carina (Fiverr Customer Support) Jan 30, 3:59 PM EST After further review, it seems that we are currently experiencing some issues with this feature, in the meantime, can you try using a computer. But first clear cache and cookies
  11. I have sent a request in to customer service. Hopefully they will find the issue. :+1:t3:
  12. When I first joined Fiverr there was a local event in my area but I was not able to attend. I was wondering if there are any more sponsored Fiverr meetups or events happening? I would love to get involved and network with other Fiverr sellers in my local area and help each other promote and improve our Fiverr businesses. Where can I get more information about Fiverr sponsored meet up events?
  13. I’ve been a Fiverr seller for about 2 years. If you are just starting out, I would suggest going and bidding on orders in the Buyer’s Request section. That is where I got my first couple of jobs. I am a voice over talent but my first order was a man who wanted someone to sing a parody song for him on a YouTube video. Since I have been a musician all my life, I bid on the job and got it. It wasn’t exactly what I do here on Fiverr, but it was really fun and I kept great communication with the buyer and gave him more than one version of what he offered. He loved it, gave me 5 stars, and a tip! On my first order! So I would not discount the Buyer’s Request section. It helps you get your first orders and reviews, and it will help attract more traffic to your gigs. Just like in the outside world marketplace, if you are good at what you do you will eventually be noticed. There is an old saying that, “the cream will rise to the top”. If you are not from the U.S, that means that the really good stuff that people want will eventually rise up and get noticed, and what isn’t as good will stay where it is. I know this was a long comment, so thank you for reading!
  14. Work hard and treat every customer like they are a million dollar order. Deliver MORE than what you promise. If they want their order in 3 days, deliver in 1 day. If they want it in 1 day, deliver in 12 hours. Give them a little extra and they will come back to you. It’s not just about what gig you arew offering, but how well you SERVE your customer.
  15. That is a great story. Congratulations on your success! Keep up the good work! -scottwaltonvo
  16. I understand what you mean but this could confuse some sellers. To clarify the language and legal status (for other readers) we are not employees of Fiverr. We are independent contractors with a contractual agreement on a freelance platform. This is sound advice. Good post. I totally agree that we should be striving as freelancers to find and cultivate multiple streams of income. That way if something on Fiverr goes sideways, we are not left without any other income coming in. I love the Fiverr platform, but it is not a perfect system. In my opinion, neither is working for someone else. With Fiverr we have the freedom to do other work outside of Fiverr. My current day job employer doesn’t like it’s employees having other jobs. I hope to replace my current full time employer eventually. With Fiverr and also finding work on other platforms and marketing direct to potential customers, I now stand a chance at not being completely dependent on any, “boss” except for me.
  17. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate all the well wishes and encouragement! That’s why I posted this, to encourage all of you that you can succeed as a freelancer, and on Fiverr. It is a testing ground of sorts, but if you can stay with it and concentrate on quality, your success is just a matter of time.
  18. When you do get an order, make sure you deliver more or better than you agreed on. Deliver early if you can too! Treat every $5 customer like they are a $500 customer. Make everything about the buyer. Treat them like gold. Make sure you answer every question and give th a progress report if it is a longer term job. :+1:t3:
  19. My pleasure! Just don’t quit. It will happen!
  20. I joined Fiverr exactly one year ago and I was promoted to Level 2 Seller almost one year to the day! I have had (and still have) slow periods, deal with hard to please customers, scammers, and changing rules, but I tried to be professional and deliver the best product possible every time. If you treat every $5 order the same way you treat a $250 order, you will succeed. It may take time, but you will succeed. Under promise to your buyers, then over deliver and blow them away with you too rated service and product! I love working on Fiverr! It has made me a better voice talent and better at customer service, as well as made me better at running my business.
  21. Fake news, this has literally never worked for me or anyone I know. Besides that, the rest is pretty spot-on. This has been my best month this year. It DOES work! I played around with my gig titles (I will…) and just that alone bumped me up in the search. Keywords work if you find the right ones. Also, promote on social media! Post your link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. People who say promotion doesn’t work either don’t do it or don’t stay with it.
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